Summer Workshops at Kalaneri Art Gallery Jaipur

Beat The Heat With These Cool Summer Workshops By Kalaneri

Summer is here, and we have already started pinning up our vacation plans. As the heat rises outside, we are searching for reasons to stay indoors, and what’s better than joining a hobby class! But look no further, Kalaneri Academy of Fine Arts brings you a handful of workshops to kick up the creative artist in…

Kalaneri Art Gallery

Art, Photography and Movies: Kalaneri’s Heritage Week is Here!

Did you know that UNESCO has declared 6 forts of Rajasthan as world heritage sites? Amazing isn’t it. The heritage of Rajasthan is so well recognised everywhere and has so much to explore. Picking up from that idea, the Kalaneri Art Gallery in Jaipur is hosting the heritage week where you get explore the “Land of…

Best Photographers in Jaipur

5 Best Photographers In Jaipur Whose Work Will Leave You Mesmerized!

Photography is an extraordinary and ever-evolving artistic medium. In this digital age, it’s becoming easier to create and share content but harder to stand out. It’s not easy breaking into the competitive world of photography. But these prominent young photographers in Jaipur have got their foot well in the door, and there is no limit to what…

Famous Indian Authors

10 Famous Indian Authors And Their Most Commendable Works

Shireen Gupta on Famous Indian Authors Writing, to many, has been a form of escapism but the art of writing is only granted to a few in perfect form. The time and dedication this art requires is beyond estimation and those who truly admire it, persevere in their craft. Only a few are devouts of…


5 Gorgeous Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Jaipur

Pre wedding shots are now the biggest rage during shaadi season nowadays. Heck, for some they are even bigger than the marriage ceremony itself. Why, you ask? That’s because deep down we are all obsessed with Bollywood. We can’t help but imagine our love story to be right out of a Yashraj romance. But planning a pre…


6 Brilliant Poets From Jaipur Whose Words Would Melt Your Heart

“सुकून मिलता है दो लफ्ज़ कागज़ पर उतार कर, चीख भी लेता हूँ और आवाज़ भी नहीं होती।” Beautiful, right? Such is the power of words. It can rile up your anger and it can make you fall in love too. It can fan a flame and it can douse it too. With the onset…


Why Truck Art of Pakistan Is One of The Most Beautiful Things You’ll See

By Hamna Qureshi Have you ever experienced a moving art gallery? Trucks in Pakistan are no less than an art gallery/Flickr Here in Pakistan, you’ll see a lot of them running on the roads. The artwork is so loud and vibrant that it snatches your attention. These inexpensive, open-to-everyone art galleries are nothing but the…


These Stunning Photographs from India Will Make You Fall In Love With The Heartland

By Siddharth Birla “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ― Ansel Adams In November, India’s biggest photo contest engine Photofie, along with Jaipur Art Summit set out on a search for photographs that best depicted the heart and soul of India. 30 days and 600…