Wardrobe Essentials For College

7 Wardrobe Essentials For College Every Newbie Must Own

With the Board results getting declared, there are a lot of things that start changing in a student’s life. Most importantly, what undergoes a transformation is wardrobe and dress-sense of students that become freshmen in college. A fantastic addition is a freedom to choose from a stylish variety of trending essentials. While most of the…

Jaipur Road Accidents

Wake Up Call: Jaipur Road Accidents

Recent Jaipur road accidents have created an uproar! The Chomu Circle accident and the subsequent Rambagh Palace Candle March has brought Jaipur in the limelight. The mass blamed the system for carelessness and corruption. The entire town raged about the avoidable deaths of 5 young people. If Police figures are to be believed, Jaipur has…

College Wardrobe

5 Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have To Slay That College Look

With the onset of college, it’s time to carry yourself in the most stylish bags and slip into the most classy shoes. Yes! it’s time to update your wardrobe with the most beautiful drape and accessorize yourself with the prettiest dangles.   Making it to classes in time with a perfect look is not easy. So…

father's day gift

7 Last Minute (But Still Amazing) Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We all love super-heroes. We admire them. We idolize them. That is because they are paragons of honesty, bravery, self-less sacrifice and of course, loads of fun. But before the comics or before the cartoons, there was this one hero in our lives. And still is, OUR DADS! Well, Father’s day is just around the corner,…


5 Clubs In Jaipur To Party Your Heart Out This Weekend

Had a boring troublesome week? There’s nothing a couple of beers and good music can’t solve. Well, the weekend is the perfect opportunity to break a leg and have the best of times with your friends. Look no further, ‘cause we have covered it for you. Listed below are the 5 clubs in Jaipur that…

mothers day gift ideas

11 Last Minute (But Still Amazing) Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is right around the corner. But let me guess. You again forgot about it and didn’t plan to get your mom a gift. Or maybe you are too confused over what to buy her. But that’s okay. We have it all covered for you. Here are some last minute but awesome mother’s day…

Summer Workshops at Kalaneri Art Gallery Jaipur

Beat The Heat With These Cool Summer Workshops By Kalaneri

Summer is here, and we have already started pinning up our vacation plans. As the heat rises outside, we are searching for reasons to stay indoors, and what’s better than joining a hobby class! But look no further, Kalaneri Academy of Fine Arts brings you a handful of workshops to kick up the creative artist in…

TV Shows to binge watch during summer vacations

10 TV Shows You Should Binge Watch During The Summer Vacations

With this scorching heat and vacations almost here, we all are stuck sitting indoors (at least for the day part). Or if you’re like me, always running out of shows to watch, then worry no more. Here’s our recommendation to make all this time sitting at home a little useful. So, 10 TV shows you…


5 Exceptionally Beautiful College Campuses In Jaipur

College is in many ways one of our favourite places in the world. It’s true that we share a deep bond with our alma mater. It is not only the place to learn. But it is a place where you’ll be spending next 3 or 4 years of life. With Boards Examination getting over, we all…

Summer Courses in Jaipur

7 Summer Courses In Jaipur You Can Join For An Alternate Career

Summer is finally here! We’ve all been waiting for our exams to get over and summer holidays to begin, haven’t we? Of course, the plans to hang out with friends, taking road trips, going shopping top our list but it is equally important to think about our future plans and careers too. And summer holidays can…


16 Times Our Parents Proved That Their Sarcasm Game Was On Point

“Mom, Dad, you guys just don’t know anything!” We kids really make the mistake of thinking that our parents are just a bunch of oldies who have no idea of what’s happening around them. But, when our arrogance hits the roof, out parents take no time in bringing out their personal brand of sarcasm. After…