Jaipur’s Top Food Bloggers Pick 10 Remarkable Dishes You Need To Try

By Priyamvada (@thefoodiepanda)

The food culture is growing at a fast pace in Jaipur, and it has become too difficult for us to keep up with all the new places popping up in Jaipur.

Thus, we asked Jaipur’s top food bloggers to recommend some of the best dishes they’ve had in the town. After much pondering, here is a list of 10 remarkable dishes in Jaipur they want you to try right now.

Kung Pao Lotus Stem

Recommended by Priamvada (@thefoodiepanda)

Kung Pao Lotus Stem at House of Han

Location : House of Han, Crown Plaza

Crunchy lotus stem, peanuts and water chestnuts make this dish an amazing one.

Furthermore, it is cooked in the homemade sauce of House of Han kitchen which enhances the taste. If you’re a fan of authentic Chinese food, you’ll love to have the Kung Pao Lotus Stem.

Beetroot Falafel Canapaé

Recommended by Parth (@thefoodiepanda)

Beetroot Falafe Canapae at Taruveda Bistro

Location : Taruveda Bistro

Taruveda serves the tastiest Lebanese, in the form of fresh pita bread coins topped with falafel and beetroot hummus. As a result, not only are these innovative, but also, super tasty.

The arabic salad served with it, will compel you to ask for the recipe.

Raspberry Waffles

Recommended by Ria and Richa (@and.then.i.ate)

Raspberry Waffles at OTH/ @and.then.i.ate

Location : OTH

Warm and crisp on the outside, perfectly soft on the inside & complimented with the smoothest raspberry cream, these waffles were awfully or should we say…*wait for it*…waffley good! The fruits served with it furthermore makes one feel healthier.

Mushroom Duplex

Recommended by Priyamvada (@thefoodiepanda)

Mushroom Duplex at Cask and Cork

Location : Cask and Cork

We all love mushrooms, and this amazing dish will give you more another reason to love mushrooms.

Soft mushrooms filled with cheese and spinach, and finally coated in crispy cornflour, make this dish super addictive.

Open Burger

Recommended by Akshya (@akshyadigitaldiaries)

Open Burger at Chocolate Room and Italian Cafe/

Location : Chocolate Room and Italian Cafe

The burger is served in two parts. And, each bun contains a separate ingredient.

Hence, this burger is different from the usual burgers we all have. Yet it nowhere compromises with the taste.

Corn Fritters In Mexican Cheese Sauce

Recommended by Priyamvada (@thefoodiepanda)

Corn Fritters In Mexican Cheese Sauce at Hitbhuk Mitbhuk

Location : Hitbhuk Mitbhuk

Crispy corn fritters are covered in Mexican cheese sauce, which consequently makes them different from other places. In addition to the great taste, the presentation is good too!

Hitbhuk Mithbhuk is famous for it’s innovative and different food, so, it would be quite tough for you to not have other things while you’re here.

Velle Velle Cottage Cheese

Recommended by Parth (@thefoodiepanda)

Velle Velle Cottage Cheese at Rock – The Salt

Location : Rock –  The Salt

This dish is one of it’s kind. The huge amounts of cheese and cottage cheese used in this dish, consequently make it amazingly fulfilling.

The taste given to it by filling vegetables inside the cottage cheese, is totally lovable and different.

Masala Garlic Bread

Recommended by Priyamvada (@thefoodiepanda)

Masala Garlic Bread at Arbab Cafe

Location : Arbab Cafe

If you wish to try something different, and tasty, this is what our foodies would suggest.

Due to the perfect combination of veggies and cheese, this dish would definitely make you visit Arbab again. In addition to the taste, the quality is also noteworthy.

Lemon Curd Cream Brownie With Raspberry Delight

Recommended by Parth (@thefoodiepanda)

Lemon Curd Cream with Raspberry Delight at Sirocco

Location : Sirocco, Crowne Plaza

The picture itself seems drool worthy- doesn’t it? The sweet taste of the lemon curd cream with the brownie does’t even melt in mouth when, finally, the sourness of the raspberry comes as a total delight!

It is a perfect dessert at the end of a scrumptious meal.

Nachos Chaat

Recommended by Priyamvada (@thefoodiepanda)

Nachos Chat at Tinder Box

Location : Tinder Box

Crushed nachos are served with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander and green chilies. The lemon juice added to it, consequently gives an amazing twist to the taste.

The quantity served is huge, therefore, one serving is enough for one person.

A law student turned food blogger owing to the love of food, writing and photography and the huge disinterest in studying. Check out @thefoodiepanda on Instagram to tickle your taste buds.

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