5 electronics shops in to look for Best gadgets In Jaipur

Now that we have finally established that the Millenials are totally and irreversibly hooked to the digital world around them, hunting for newer and better electronics has become a stretch. well, worry no more. Desi Diaries is more than glad to share with you its pocket full of information regarding where to buy the best…


10 reasons why you should mark Bloom Affairs on your calendar

The world today more than anything requires entrepreneurs who can be the helmsman for change, and representatives of the millenia and Pink city is so not short on them. It is to give a platform to these blooming business men and women that Bloom Affairs has undertaken an initiative to commemorate the ingenious of these…


Our 5 favourite Street-Style Coffee Spots In Jaipur

We Jaipurites proud our ourselves for being big-time Foodies! And like almost more than a half of population of the world, we too love Coffee. But we have a special place in our hearts for the indie style coffee that our small little joints serve. No, matter how nicely brewed or sophistically places like Cafe Coffee Day,…

Famous Food Varieties In Jaipur

This Winter Gorge On These 7 Famous Food Varieties In Jaipur

Besides being famous for shades of pink, ghoomar, historical monuments and the ancient architectural designs, Jaipur is a heaven for every person who is a Food Lover. The taste and variety of food that Jaipur serves is simply unbeatable. So, we bring to you 7 Famous Food Varieties In Jaipur that you cannot afford to…

Things You Must Do At Pushkar Fair

Top 5 Things You Must Do At Pushkar Fair 2017!

Pushkar, a colourful abode of crafts and culture! Set amidst a serene lake, this holy land hosts thousands of pilgrims every year at colourful ghats with aartis. Hence, it has now become a sought-after destination and a photography muse for thousands of international tourists. Annually, post-Diwali, Pushkar hosts a one of a kind cattle fair.  People from…

Ladies Nights In Jaipur

Our Guide To 5 Booziest & Craziest Ladies Nights In Jaipur

All the giggly, gorgeous and graceful ladies, we know how tiring and frustrating being a woman can get sometimes. And when that happens Ladies Nights comes in handy! Ladies nights means that there’s a reason to party- AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK! So, put on those sassy high-heels, glide in your best outfits because we…

Pasta in Jaipur

5 Places For The Perfect Plate Of Pasta In Jaipur

Are you an Italian fanatic? Pasta is one Italian dish that comes with thousands of variants and is loved by all. We know, your love affair with spaghetti, fusilli, fettuccine & penne has no bounds. That’s why we bring to you the best pasta places in town. Check out our list of 5 Places For The Perfect Plate Of Pasta…

Budget Hotels To Stay During Pushkar Fair

5 Budget Hotels To Stay In During Pushkar Fair That Offers A Great Stay

Pushkar Camel Fair is one of the most famous and oldest fairs in India. The visitors can witness myriads of the colour of Indian culture here. Are you also planning to head out to the Pushkar Fair and haven’t booked hotels yet? Well, finding somewhere decent to stay on a budget can be challenging. Check…

Cafes For Get Together Under Budget In Jaipur

5 Cafes Perfect To Plan A Get-Together Under A Budget In Jaipur

Friends in town?  Planning to catch up with relatives? Or is that kitty party of yours still impending? Worry not. We bring you top 5 Cafes For Get-Together Under Budget In Jaipur with delicious interiors and eye-popping delicacies (oops, also, the other way around). These places can not only accommodate a small gathering but also offer…