10 GIFs that sum up college life at Jaipur Xavier’s

Studying in college is an experience of a lifetime and only people who went to college really know what it’s like.

To celebrate how wonderful and exhausting college can be, Desi Diaries has put together a list of hilarious GIFs that every  Jaipur Xavierite will relate to. From annoying classes at 8:30 in the morning to the early morning banter with Guard Sahab to let you in- we’ve pretty much summed up life in college in this one list. Keep on scrolling to check the relatable GIFs and let the laughter ensue-

when they tell you internals are important


when its 10:30 and the disciplinarian asks you to go to your class


when they tell you cant get in without the college ID


XMS on every college event


being friends with xfc members


working late nights for zest like


discussing pilani 6176818 months after the trip like


how the ms. fresher’s acts all 3 years

the band’s lead singer


the synergy marketing team

70% attendance is mandatory


 when they announce the ball for inka’17


Continuing with the legacy of INKA, the English Department of St. Xavier’s college presents to you the Ol’Moon Ball on the 17th of December. A starry night filled with music, revelry and old world charm. Dance away the night with fellow contenders and enjoy the lavish spread. So what are you waiting for? Get your glittering raiments ready for this gala event.

Register at inka2017.in

Couple entry for Rs600 and Stag Rs400

Open to all college students

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