10 reasons why you should mark Bloom Affairs on your calendar

The world today more than anything requires entrepreneurs who can be the helmsman for change, and representatives of the millenia and Pink city is so not short on them. It is to give a platform to these blooming business men and women that Bloom Affairs has undertaken an initiative to commemorate the ingenious of these young minds. Bloom affair is not just only a festival, it’s a unique experience filled with lots of thrill that will give memories to cherish a lifetime. From various kinds of shopping booth and appetizing food stalls to knowledgeable, interactive sessions with young leading entrepreneurs and nostalgic musical bon fire nights and comic session, the list can go on. ‘There is something for everyone’
Here are 10 reasons why you should mark Bloom Affairs in your calendars-

Entrepreneurial Session

Bloom affair will lend the mic to all those young visionaries who have been successful in their struggle to make life better for themselves and others. Come and leave with a few more stories to share and unleash the greatness within you.

Open your heart at open mic


Have you been holding in your inner artist after watching those YouTube videos? Now, wait no more! Bloom Affair has come to turn all your dreams into realities. Come and croon your creations before the world! Slam poetry, music or anything you muse, we’re waiting to hear you. Let the diamond dazzle everyone with its shine.

Rioting laughter

We laughed and laughed and laughed until the show got over! Drool over such stomachache? We all do. So, get ready for all the giggling and chuckling around you ’cause Bloom Affair knows how to win Jaipurites’ hearts. Want to showcase your talent? Come! The stage is waiting! And, so is the audience! Boost up yourself for we’re going to have blasts of festivity soon at our Home.

Lights, Camera, Action

Exaggerated language aimed at ridiculing the one at fault and thus, conceiving the bubbles of grave contemplations in audience’s mind, this is what a satirical act revolves around. Bloom Affair provides you a platform to open up your hearts along with those crinkled pages. Whatever you’ve been piling up, unfasten it and let the hidden artist get acknowledged!

Freak out on Fitness

You might be a fitness freak or just curious to know more about health and nutrition. Well you don’t have to look anywhere else! Bloom Affair brings to you an Open Panel on Fitness from the best nutritionist, dietician and fitness freak who owns one of the top cross fit gyms in the state. This is an amazing opportunity for all to interact about appetizing nutrition, diet combos and various workout techniques with a Q and A session at the end

Fashionistas and more


“Fashion is an art, and you are the canvas”
Put on your best shoes and get ready for a fun and totally styling session with one of India’s renowned fashion blogger turned into entrepreneur. Emergence as a blogger coated with skills of investor and self-reliance explains everything. Get ready to learn how they create a perfect blend of fashion styling and corporate world with an interactive Q and A session


Along side with your friends, besides the warmth of fire, mellow music striking your ear, scrumptious food in one hand and beverage in another. Experience the best of your time under the blanket of stars only at our bon fire.

Musical Nights

Haven’t you all craved for the night to see your favorite artist perform your favorite songs just in front of you besides some good company of your friends. Grabbing this opportunity now is not a dream. Come join us and together we all can have a jolly good time.

Foodie Paradise


Life is a combination of magic and pasta. Where there isn’t food, there isn’t fun.
And what is life without those scrumptious cuisines and mouthwatering street food? There is something for everyone to ponder over! Come join us and enjoy food, enjoy life!

Discounts and Gifts

Already filled with anticipation, aren’t you all? Exited ?
So are we !!
What a fun way to end 2K17 with lots of shopping with exiting discounts. We promise you to make every moment of yours memorable and worth every penny spent. No one will leave disheartened since we have A little for everyone !!

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