10 things you only know if you’re From ICG

THE 10 things WHICH WILL MAKE every icgiaN SAY “SO TRUE!”

International College for Girls (ICG) (formal name: The IIS (deemed-to-be) University, Jaipur) is not just one of the best colleges of Jaipur, but it is also one of the most happening colleges of the Pink City. It not just attracts students from Jaipur (and even out of Rajasthan) but it also fascinates and intrigues every person who listens to its daily stories.

So, gear up yourself for the ten things relatable to each ICGian, which would also show the outsiders the glimpse of what this colourful college is all about:


It is the most popular canteen of ICG, which has a total of 3 canteens. What attracts the students is not just the food, but the evergreen and friendly Panditji himself.

If you are falling short of money by just a few rupees, consider yourself lucky if this man just lets you go without the full payment and enjoy your meal. The canteen is also a nice place for bunkers to sit, gossip and eat throughout the day. If you ever visit this canteen, never forget to try the shikanji and tea, which is delicious and economical

P.S: This canteen even has its own page on Facebook! Here’s the link: @Canteenwalepanditjee



Depending upon how you come and go from college, ICG is either heaven or hell for you.

ICG is heavenly if you are able to get out from it as early as you can. But you will call it hell if you cannot get out, no matter how urgent it is for you; it’s like falling in a bore-well where you cannot get out by yourself.


attending classes

This picture is enough to convey what students of ICG think about attending classes. In fact, this is applicable to ALL college students:



department of psychology

Interesting fact: this department has given the highest number of Miss Fresher’s contest winners and Head Girls of ICG, at both UG and PG level Current students of this department, if they aren’t aware of this fact, should walk with their heads high after reading this, and the prospective students should include ICG in their list of colleges because it is one of the best in terms of academics, which makes it one of the most sought-after courses of this college after B.Com and BBA.


the student council

Student Council mein bas sundar ladkiyon ko hi lete hain” At some point during your time at ICG, you must have heard this silly notion. What makes this notion even more ridiculous is that most students link their looks and being a Council member with “arrogance”, “rudeness” and many other negative adjectives. We’re damn sure the office-bearers do feel this sometimes:



Dance is this college’s strength at inter-college competitions, and throughout the years, the cream of ICG mostly consist of dancers.

You must also have heard this other ridiculous notion: “yahaan toh sirf dancers ki hi chalti hai“. Being an active and regular dancer of ICG is kind of a matter of pride, as it is associated with “good reputation”, “importance” and “a place in the Student Council”(here we go again!).



Most Jaipur boys know at least one girl from ICG, and they excitedly share this fact with others too. Not to forget, a boy is lucky if he finds out while interacting with a girl that she is an ICGian; it’s equivalent to winning a crore rupee lottery. The boy’s friend circle are also equally at awe when their friend’s GF is from this college. To put it simply, an ICG girl is every Jaipur boy’s “key” to “unravel the mystery surrounding ICG”. SFS, the area in which the college is located, is one of the gedi routes of Jaipur only because of this reason. 


the unofficial outlet of zara 

Nearly all girls of ICG have at least one piece of clothing from this Spanish apparel brand. Onlookers have also commented that ICG is a place where girls come to show off their Zara products instead of studying.

The black zip pocket leggings is the staple Zara product which almost all ICGians have and wear it with any kind of top, t-shirt or even a kurti! It is an “all-time” trend in this college, and those who do not own this pair of leggings rush to purchase it as if it is a necessity.

makeup AUR FASHION ka adda

It’s a girls’ college, so why would anyone fail to notice the fashion sense and makeup? Anyone entering the campus would be surrounded by girls’ faces caked with makeup and them either slaying in their outfits or becoming an eyesore for onlookers. But, it is only a handful who would look attractive in makeup and have an amazing dressing sense at the same time.

“kuch bhi ho, sports waalon se door rehna!”

 Yeah! This is a BIG statuary warning that all ICGians follow at all times, thanks to the notoriety of the Department of Sports, due to their Head of Department. From confiscating mobile phones to making moral police-like comments on unsuspecting students, each girl of the college makes sure that they do not get in trouble with this department in any manner, the consequences of which is high-action drama that can put even saas-bahu dramas to shame!


ICG is bustling with activities in some form or the other throughout the year, which make the campus vibrant and attractive to outsiders. Thus, you can perhaps call ICG a potboiler film which has all the typical elements: action, drama and comedy.


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