101 Guide on how to spot Fake Social Media Influencers

With Social Media in rage these days, business houses have found a new marketing platform- Instagram. Businesses often collaborate with social media influencer in return for monetary or product compensation. This post is to safeguard such marketers into investing into fraudulent influencers who have fake likes and followers. It is important to invest in the right people as the provide active engagement and value for money. Here is guideline on how to determine whether some one has fake or genuine followers-

check followers against likes

On an average an account having less than 1000 followers should have an engagement rate of 8%, for 1k to 10k followers the engagement rate should be 4.04% and an account having more than 10,000 followers should have an engagement rate of around 2.47% and a comment rate of 0.14%.

For accurate calculation take the total of the likes and comments on the last 10 photos, divide it by their number of followers and then multiply it by 100. For example-

  • 7000 likes and comments total on last 10 photos/10 photos= 700 total average engagement per photo
  • 700 total average engagement/20,000 followers=0.035%
  • 0.035*100=3.5%

Now take this number and compare it to the average. The average falls near to the actual average rate which should make us believe that the followers are genuine.

compare comments to likes and followers

If someone’s like rate checks out you must check their comment rate, unfortunately, likes can be bought too. On an average if the account has 5000 followers they must have 13.5 comments on an average. In case they have 0-2 comments then you must know that their followers and likes are fake.


check the quality of their followers and likers

When you click on their number of likes, chances are that you might see a list like this

And upon further investigation you might find that the likers and followers page looks like this.

These accounts are bots. and one way to identify them is that they might only have a handful of followers and thousands of pages followed. Their names are usually gibberish and they do not have a lot of posts.


Social blade

Social blade is a great tool of high utility which is absolutely free.  This website enables you to track the increment or decrement in the number of followers of anyone’s account. In case you notice that someone’s followers have shot up by 5k in a day, you have a faker. This usually cannot happen  unless your account has been promoted by some mega celebrity. These accounts also lose followers regularly. This a definite tell.


Follow our guide to save yourself and your money from fakers…


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