11 Weirdly Unique People You Come Across During An Exam

Exams are around the corner and our Whatsapp texts are transforming from “What’s the plan?” to “Kitna padh lia?”. The tension among students is palpable and you can feel it in the air. Ain’t it?

Not to be a sadist, but the examination hall scene is one of its kind and quite entertaining. The diverse pool of students floating in the exam horror. Okay! Maybe a lil sadist, but let’s have a look at the kind of people we meet during an exam.

We are sure you too must have encountered some of these.

The question paper

That guy who comes up with all kind of random questions right before the exam. It’s like he’s armed with his question cannon and he fires relentlessly at you. if you run into him, you are so dead!

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THE Secret agent

This guy asks you everything but never gives away how much he has studied. Every time you ask him, you get a vague answer which leaves you wondering and nervous as hell.

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the know it all

This person is most calm and collected person outside the exam hall. They seem to know it all and that makes you hate your life. Ironically, they never end up scoring as good as you thought they would.

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the chill dude

This guy can hardly care about anything. When he tells you he hasn’t opened the book, he really hasn’t. He’d rather be discussing the weekend plans than the syllabus.

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the last minuter

This person had set alarms to study early morning but snoozed through all of them. So, now all he relies on for passing the exam is the information he can collect outside the exam hall.

Source: gradeslam.org

the alien

This guy is probably leaning in a corner with his eyes glued to the book. If you try to talk to him, he will give you a “Do I know you?” stare right away. Identity crisis alert!

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the extra sheet guy

This is the guy who asks for extra sheets when you’ve barely filled half of your answer sheet. Before you find yourself in existential crisis, consider that he might just have really large handwriting.

Source: collegetimes.com

the exam partners

The guys who take group study to an all new level. These are usually your next or previous roll no. and you divide the syllabus in good faith. These guys invest more time in planning their cheating mechanism than in actually studying.

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the guy who needs extra pen

Surprise! Surprise! This guy lands into the examination hall with no pen. Are you kidding me? It’s like the first thing you need while writing an exam. I bet you’ll find at least one of them in every exam room.

Source: thedailytouch.com

The liar

This guy is the most dangerous of all. He claims to not have studied and revised anything but somehow aces the exam. He is probably the reason our generation has trust issues.

Source: thedailytouch.com

the Full bladder guy

So, this guy goes to the loo in every 20 minutes or so. And the reason behind that is not his bladder but the guidebooks he has hidden in the washroom. Smooth!

Source: teen.com

So, which one are you?

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