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Jaipur On A Budget: 8 Soul Stirring Experiences Under 100 Bucks

Jaipur is an amazing mix of history, culture, and contemporary lifestyle. It’s the marriage of old and new. We have forts, palaces, and temples but at the same time, the streets are bustling with cafes and nightclubs. Amidst all this, there are simpler experiences which sometimes leave a lasting impression on you. Just lazy strolls or…


Top 5 Hookah Bars in Delhi NCR For Sheesha Lovers

The popularity of hookah or sheesha amongst youngsters is undeniable. It is one thing passed on from the older generations that we have accepted with full embrace. The only difference being tobbaco replaced by a flavour. There are numerous hookah bars in Delhi that have popped up and their vibe is what attracts so much…