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3 Unique Indian Sweets You Must Cook At Home This Diwali To Impress Your Guest

Is there any Indian festival that is complete without some food & especially sweets. We Indians love our sweets & need them for each and every celebration. But isn’t going to the market & buying sweet is mainstream and also sounds hazardous after multiple news of shopkeepers using bad quality products.

Well, worry not. This Diwali we have got you sorted with 3 unique & amazing Indian Sweets that you must try & cook at home. Trust us, your guest will be super impressed.

apple kheer

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We all have tried Rice & Vermicelli kheer but ever heard of Apple Kheer? The dessert tastes delectable & is made using no sugar which is a win-win. Check out the recipe here-

* One large Apple (Peeled & Grated)
* 1 tbsp Ghee
* 500 ml Milk ( Full Fat)
* 3 tbsp Condensed milk
* 2 tbsp sliced Almond
* 1 tsp Ilaichi powder

How To Prepare The Dessert:
* Heat Ghee in a pan on medium flame & add grated apple to it. Cook it until the water from apple evaporates & apples turn semi-dry.
* Boil milk in another pan & once boiled reduce flame. Let it cook till the quantity reduces to 3/4th & turns a little thick.
* Keep stirring the milk in between to prevent sticking & add condensed milk to it. Now cook it on a medium flame for another 4 minutes.
* Add Ilaichi Powder & Almonds to the milk. Cook it for 1 more minute & turn off the gas.
* Once the milk is cooled down to room temperature add apple to it.
* Chill it in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours & serve it cool.


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Bread is commonly used for the breakfast. Ever thought of making a dessert out of it? We are making it possible for you & that too by creating a Rasmalai out of it. Read the recipe here-

* 4 cups full milk
* 1 cup condensed milk/milkmaid
* 2 tbsp saffron milk
* ½ tsp cardamom powder
* 5 tbsp chopped dry fruits (pistachios, almonds, cashews
* 5 slices bread, preferbly white sandwich bread

How To Prepare The Dessert:
* In a large nonstick pan heat milk & stir occasionally making sure the milk doesn’t stick to the bottom of the vessel.
* Furthermore, add 1 cup of condensed milk & get the milk to boil. Reduce the milk to one third.
* Add Cardamom powder & Saffron to it. Give a good mix and get the milk again to boil.
* Allow it cool to room temperature and further chill for 2 hours.
* Cut the bread into round pieces with the help of cookie cutter or glass.
* Dip both sides of bread into prepared rabdi & place into the bowl. Make sure to pour 2-3 tbsp of rabdi in the bowl.
* Garnish with almond & serve chilled.


Image Credit: Milkmaid

Gujiya is one of the most famous North Indian sweet prepared around Diwali. Let’s give it a twist with Chocolate this time, after all, it is everyone’s favourite.

* 1 cup flour
* 3 Tbsp ghee(clarified butter)
* Salt to taste
* 1 cup water
* 2 cup mava (condensed milk)
* 2 cup sugar
* Pinch of cardamom powder
* 1/2 cup chocolate chips
* Oil to fry
* Sugar syrup to dip the gujiyas
* 250 gm cream
* 250 gm fine chocolate
* 50 gm cardamoms

How To Prepare The Dessert:
* Add flour, ghee, salt. mix them and make the dough, add water slowly to make it a hard dough and leave it for half an hour.
* In an another pan, cook mava(condensed milk) till its brown, add sugar and continue to cook. Then add cardamom powder.
* When the mixture cools, add some chocolate chips to it and mix well.
* Now take a small piece of dough and roll it well. Cut it into smaller pieces with the help of some moulder or Katori, remove extra dough and fill the mixture in it.
* With some water, seal the edges. Then fold the edges to inside with the help of a fork.
* And fry till its golden brown
* Meanwhile, take a bowl full of fine chocolate, add some fresh cream and microwave it for 2 minutes at lowest temperature, keep steering after every 30 seconds.
* When gujiya is cooked, dip it in sugar syrup.
* Place them on a plate and pour some chocolate syrup on it, garnish it with some cardamom and serve.

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