5 Best Places In Jaipur To Satisfy Your Golgappa Cravings

Golgappa, puchke, pani-puri, this thing has diverse names and amazing taste.

For the one’s from Jaipur, having golgappe at least once in a week is a compulsion. There’s a golgappe wale bhaiya at every nook and corner of the street, but only a few know the art of preparing the tastiest, crispiest golgappe, keeping in mind proper hygiene.

We have tried golgappe from almost all corners of Jaipur, and listed out our favorite ones below. How many of these have you tried already?

nand Chat Bhandar

Nand Chaat Bhandar, Raja Park

One of the most renowned places for golgappe and other chaat variants in Jaipur. Located in Raja Park, Nand’s is usually crowded because of the super tasty golgappe and dahi-puri available here. They’re an age old Golgappa shop, and what makes them different from the rest is the way they take proper care of hygiene in making and serving the golgappas.

Even slogan below the board at Nand reads, “Very Nice Golgappe Wala.”

Location: Shop No. 281, Raja Park

Manoj Patashi

Manoj Patashi, Bapu Nagar, jaipur

Manoj Patashi in Bapu Nagar

We’ve been huge fans of Manoj Bhaiya’s Patashi since the day we had them and there’s no chance we won’t visit him at least once a week. Situated at Bapu Nagar, this thela is quite famous among students that stay or study nearby. Apart from the taste, which is out of the world, the thele wale bhaiya is super sweet.

The dahi puri that he serves for just Rs. 10 is equally good as the pani puri.

Location: Near ICICI Bank, Mangal Marg, Bapu Nagar

Lalaji Ke patashi

Suji Patashi

Suji Patashi At Lalji’s in Tripolia

If you love suji ki patashi, you should totally check out Lalaji ke Patashi. There are 3-4 thelas opposite Sargusuli named Lalaji Ke Patashi that serve totally drool-worthy pani-puri. The taste from each of the thelas is 99.9% the same, so it won’t matter much as to which one is the original Lalaji!

Maybe, you could visit it too and help us unveil this mystery?

Location: Opp. Sargusuli, Tripolia Bazaar

Chatkara Puchka


Image: NDTV

After a long day at shopping, who wouldn’t want to have golgappas?

If you’re a hygiene freak, you’ll be thankful for this place. They take ample care to wear gloves while serving you and during preparation. Moreover, they use only purified water for preparing their super tasty khatta-meetha paani.

Believe us when we say that the crisp and mouthwatering golgappe from this place will make you addicted to them

Location: Food Court, WTP

Durgadas Chaat Bhandar

Durgadas Chaat Bhandar, Jaipur

Durgadas Chat Bhandar, Adarsh Nagar

We all love it when life gives us variety. And if the golgappe wala gives us variety, won’t it be the best thing? 8 different flavours of golgappe, and what you get at the end is a big, blasting surprise.

The thumb rule is, it’s not golgappe if it’s not spicy. And you’ll have the spiciest golgappa of your life when you’ll dare to eat the last one from this place! The pani-puri guy serves the last one with a raw chilly and it’ll just leave you in tears-trust us, in tears!

Pro Tip: Carry a sweet treat with you to combat the after-effects of the pani-puri.

Location: 15/120, Dusra Chauraha, Baraf Khana Road, Adarsh Nagar

Where would you resort to, to satisfy your golgappa cravings?


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