5 Classical Dance Schools In Jaipur That Train You To Become A Maestro

They say “Dance like no one is watching” but we say that Dance in such a way that the heart of person looking at you, joyfully dances too. But, we are all not a pro at dance. While some of us need to polish off our moves tad bit, others need a complete learning course to bring out the best.

So, to ease up your work and to assist you, we at Desi Diaries, are up with a solution to your dream of becoming a refined, sparkling and eloquent classical dancer. Here is a chance for you to complete that dream which is still imprinted somewhere in your mind, yet to be accomplished. We bring to you the Best Dance Schools in Jaipur where learning Indian Classical Dance comes with sheer fun and a lot of hard work that goes into training.


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It is a well-known fact that Jaipur is one of the major gharanas of Kathak, other than Lucknow and Banaras. And being a ruler in the field how is it possible for Jaipurites to not get allured with its charm? Keeping this in view, Jaipur came up with Jaipur Kathak Kendra, a dance school that would keep the magic of a magnificent dance form alive. Join right away to get trained from the better than the best.

Location: 20, Hira Bagh, Sawai Ram Singh Road

Contact: 0141 2560373

india international Institute of Kathak Dance & Music

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While learning various dance forms what an artist expects is a platform where they can learn and express emotions freely through their dance. And IIKDM is where this wish can be fulfilled. IIKDM is the addition to the India International Group network and has been successfully educating its students since past 13 years. The aim of the Executive Director, Ms. Shweta Garg is to develop the interest of students because she believes that Kathak is one of the best ways of describing emotions without speaking.

Location: 72/208, Patel Marg, Mansarovar

Contact: 0141 2784870

Sangeet Ashram

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This leading dance academy is best known for teaching it’s students the skill of speaking with eyes. Sangeet Ashram, affiliated to the famous Bhatkhande University of Lucknow is headed by Mr Amit Anupam and Mrs Veena Anupam. They have been nurturing the talent of the pink city in the field of dance as well as music. You can rear the skill with the best training provided in all dance forms, from this school.

Location: No. A98, Shiv Shakti Colony, Shastri Nagar

Contact: 0141 2305243

Bhav Sur Aur Taal

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Frolic aficionados who are looking for a kathak training centre in the city, this school is what you need to bring about that form, flawlessness and appeal to leave the people spellbound. The leading lady of Bhav Sur Taal, Mrs Taruna Jangid along with her Husband Dr Ankit Pareek has been training and managing three Kathak centres in Jaipur. Her experience of past seven years in the field of Kathak is a glimpse of the beauty she adds while training her every student.

Location: 106/19, Vijay Path, Near St.Wilfred’s College, New Sanganer Road, Mansarovar

Contact: +91 9057295391

Geetanjali Music Society

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A prominent member of Geetanjali Music Society, Dr Shashi Sankhla, is an expert and an outstanding classical dancer. She is a learned teacher who has been imparting training to students in varied fields like dance, music as well as drama since past 55 years. And as it is said that a student is as good as a teacher so, the effervescence, the grace, those body postures, the flair of speaking with the big eyes is what the dynamic Guru can train you best for.

Location: 10/860, Malviya Nagar

Contact: 0141 2551764



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