5 Delicious Samosa Eateries In Jaipur You Can’t Miss This Monsoon

Monsoon is here! And one of the best way to celebrate the monsoon is to sit with a cup of tea and some freshly fried snacks. If you don’t want to have good old onion pakoras or hot chocolate pie, we have one of the most loved snacks. And it is none other than hot and spicy samosa!

This triangularly shaped dish is fried with some piquant fillings such as spiced potato, onions, macroni, noodles, cheese etc. which will make you smile and insist you take a break from calorie counting.

So, here we pick out the best samosa servings in Jaipur for you to hit your hankering and cravings:

shankar samosa

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This samosa joint is the Mecca for all samosa lovers. They serve you spicy samosa and top it with green coriander chutney and tamarind(imli) chutney. So flavorsome, it gets you at the first bite! The taste is heavenly and you certainly can’t have enough of this place.

Location: 110/111 Street No. 1 Raja Park


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 It is one of the most popular Samosa shops in the walled city and known for its unique Potato Samosas.

Their samosas here are said to have the perfect filling with the right balance of spices. The samosas of Samrat is super delicious and crispy. The best part of there samosa is that it is fried in the desi ghee rather than in oil. Also, they serve kathey ki chutney which enhance the flavor of this lip smacking samosa.

Location: Samrat Restaurant, Opposite SBBJ Bank, Chaura Rasta

 shree agarwal caterer

Image result for chinese samosaImage: www.sanjeevkapoor.com

For all those looking to try the authentic blend of Chinese cuisine and Indian street food, this is the place to be!

Their Chinese samosas are super awesome and are served along with red chili chutney. Literally, no one serves them better than  Shree Agarwal caterer. Altogether, this place stands every possible chance to win your heart with the lip smacking and quality food.

So if you are a samosa lover, you should definitely give this place a visit.

Location: 1/39, Sector 1 Rd, Sector 2, Sector-1, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur


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One of the unique samosas of Jaipur is sold at Vatsalaya.

The restaurant is famous for its Macaroni Samosa. The outer shell is stuffed with a yummy macaroni and cheese filling. A perfect place to enjoy conversation over food. The aroma of the samosa is so delightful and same is with the taste of the eats that they have to offer.

Need to say more?

Location: 497/5 Vyas Marg near AC market Rajapark, Jaipur

prem prakash samosa

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Image: foods&flavors By Shilpi

It’s really hard to believe that food stall in a cinema serves food that is so delicious!

It serves the samosa with not-so-spicy filling but is served with the little bit sweetness which makes it dissimilar from other samosas. So, whenever you head towards Prem Prakash Talkies aka Golcha cinema, do try this mouth-watering samosa.

Location: Opp. Ram Niwas Garden, New Gate, Chaura Rasta, Jaipur

Featured Image: Archana’s Kitchen

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