5 Interesting Facts About Jaipur We Bet You Didn’t Know

Looking for some interesting facts about Jaipur?

No, I am not going to bore you with the same old facts you’ll get on the internet. You all know Jaipur is called Pink City and why it is called so. But enough of that.

The city we have known and grown to love has been wrapped in numerous myths and legends. From first-hand accounts of people who have lived here long enough, I have cherry-picked some interesting facts about Jaipur you’d love to read.

Now we know who’ll hold the bragging rights on interesting trivia about Jaipur the next time you sit with friends.

a river that flows through Jaipur?

Dravyawati River Project TATA and JDA

TATA and JDA are trying to restore Dravyawati/TOI

Ever heard of the river Dravyawati ? No?

But I am sure Amanishah ka Nala would ring some bells. Interestingly, some 100 years ago, the 47 km long Dravyawati ran its course through Jaipur. Starting from Jaisalya village in Nahargarh, it ultimately merged in Dhund river.

But years of pollution due to garbage and debris from nearby areas, the river ran out of its flow and turned into a nala. Fortunately, TATA along with the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) are now working hard to rejuvenate the river and restore its flow.

You can read more about the project here.

A Step Well in the CENTER of City!

Taffic in Badi Chaupad Jaipur

Traffic at Badi Chaupar/Alan Clifford

Shocking, right? But that’s what the texts say. Before tuning into a traffic island and a hub for shopping, the Badi Chaupar in Jaipur was a seven storey deep step well.

the city went to sleep at 10

New Gate in Jaipur

New Gate in Jaipur/TravelBlog

We all know that eight gates were built around the old city to protect it from attacks. Any movement in and out of the city was routed through these eight gates. And as per the rule, the gates used to be shut down after sunset, only to be opened after sunrise. To alarm the citizens of closure, the guards used to fire a small canon.

Interestingly, this routine was followed up until 1942. The New Gate which leads to Chaura Rasta used to be shut at night latest by 10 pm till 1942. It was only after 1942 when the city started developing outside the city walls that this rule was discontinued.

Ditch outside the gates

An old photograph of gates of Jaipur/Wikimedia

To ensure further protection of the town from outside attackers, the city planners came up with an interesting idea. During the medieval period, ditches were created outside the eight gates. These ditches were then filled with water to create an extra hurdle for an outsider trying to sneak in.

The last time the ditches were filled was way back in the 1940’s.

a temple that holds a record

Govind Dev Ji Guinness World Record

Govind Devji in Guinness

That’s true. The Satsang Bhawan of the Govind Devji temple interestingly holds a mention in the Guinness Book of World Record.

What for, you ask? A marvel of construction, it entered the book for having the world’s widest single span RCC flat roof (119 feet). So many times you must have visited the temple but failed to notice it. Next time around make sure you don’t forget to admire this marvel of architecture.

Featured Image: Sandeep Rathod

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