5 Must-PEE places in your lifetime

70% of earth is made up of water, rest 30% is land where Indian men are willing to pee. But for some obvious reasons we can’t pee in any other country and ours is only a small portion, so you should try to make the best of it.

Here are the top 5 places where you can get relieve of all your pressure and get relaxed.

On the wall


You can see Yaha peshab karna mana hai all written over the walls of india. But being such BAMF, we are going to pee on those places only.

In the garden


Image: Flickr

You should be thankful to us, the plants need water and in spite of lack of fresh water, we are providing it to them.

In a dark alley

Image: BBC

What we hate most is these non-sanskaari couples kissing in our places. Wait for your marriage kids, these alleys are for pissing not kissing.

On railway track


Why is this media hullabaloo about the lack of toilets, India is the only country with toilets comprising 119,630 Km of length.

In a toilet

Image: DNA India

Just kidding, just kidding. You can’t.

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