5 Reasons To Rush To These ’99’ Stores In Jaipur!

99 Problems But A Budget Ain’t One: Store 99 have an instant fix!

By the end of the month, most of us are broke with hardly few bucks in your pocket. Right?  Nevertheless, shopping is always on cards. Isn’t it? Make your way to these 99 stores if you have to pick up something for that annoying relative’s bratty child, or if you’re just looking to build an inexpensive housewarming hamper for your newly-wed friends.


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Accessories are vital vitamins of fashion and one cannot ignore them, No?  Buy Earrings, Rings, trendy Chokers and Clutches with ample of varieties to choose from. How much you ask? They start from Rs 99 (of course!). Rather than spending a bomb at other places, you can buy your share of accessories from this store now!

wrist watches

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They have a huge collection of watches with the range of colours, styles to flaunt and all under Rs 299. Buy it for yourself or for your friends and pair them with your Diwali outfit.Don’t believe us? Go check it out for yourselves.


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Selecting perfect gift is a big task. This festival season buy something that is memorable, gifting sweets and chocolates is too mainstream! no ? Grab the attention by gifting something noteworthy like Rose Pillar, Handmade CandlesShowpieces that are easily available at these shops at pinch pocket price.

home decor

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From fancy Cushion to Pots to Hangings to Paintings, everything under Rs 99 – Rs 499 is available here. Grab the best for your home and bless us later. Believe us, there is a lot more stored at these stores.


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After shopping and lifting those heavy bags, you can treat your taste buds too. yes! These stores even offer Mango Candies, Cola Candies, tangy mouth- puckering Mints and Churans too. Revive your childhood days with these tangy candies. Go shop NOW!!

Address: Ground floor GT Bazar, GT Center, Crystal Palm and Jaipur Heritage Bazaar (Vidhayadhar Nagar)


Now you can at least rest assured of getting some essentials at a cheaper rate, happy (budget) shopping everyone!


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