5 Unique & Simple DIY For Diwali To Light Up Every Corner Of Your House

The festival of lights, prosperity & happiness; the festival of Diwali is right around the corner. We all love giving our house new look & decorating it during the festival. Though buying a lot of stuff from markets can get little tricky as well as expensive in the pocket. Worry not, this Diwali we have you sorted.

Here sharing 5 Unique & Simple DIY for Diwali that will let you light up every corner of your house.

Personalised signs

Image Credit: I Spy DIY

You can literally light up every corner of your house and still be legit with this project. Get your LED pipe lights to use or buy neon pipe light from the market and create a custom message for all your guests. It could be something as simple as a ‘Hello’, ‘Welcome‘ or even ‘Happy Diwali’. Simply take some Nails and a Tape, Line out your message, Stick around the light & Voila!! It’s done.

CD Candle Holder

Image Credit: YouTube

We all have hundreds of old CD lying everywhere in our house. Why not put them to some good work this Diwali? All you need is Few Old CD, Stones, Tea Lamp or Candles and Fevicol. Simply take your CD and start pasting the Stones on it using Glue. Add up the bling to it using your favourite colour & add a Candle/Tea Light/ Diya in the centre. You have your own Candle Holder. Add this to any corner of your house and see the corner jazz up. You can go creative and instead of Stones use Glitter, Paper Flowers & Artificial Flowers.

String Lamp

Image Credit: Pinterest 

This is a super fun & ah-mazing DIY that will sure draw the attention of every guest visiting you. Grab a Balloon, a ball of Wool/ Yarn, Fevicol, Flour, Vaseline & a bowl. In a bowl add 4 tbsp of Fevicol with 3 tbsp of Water & 3 tbsp of Flour. The mixture shouldn’t be too thick. Now blow up the balloon & tie its one end to the knot of the balloon. Rub a handful of vaseline around the balloon. Now dip the wool/ yarn in the mixture you’ve made & start wrapping it around the balloon. Cover it completely and let it dry for 24 hours. Burst the balloon and add lights to it. You have your hanging lights ready. Add them everywhere in different colours.

bottle Lamps

Image Credit: Pinterest

Now, this is a project you can do in a jiffy & go super creative with. The empty Wine bottles are easily available in the market or you can even find few at your home. Pick your wine bottles, remove their labels and simply add string lights in them. This is the easiest way to brighten up any dull corner of your house. If you are in a creative mood you can wrap some yarn around your bottles as well or add some decorations. In fact, you can cut your wine bottles in half, add bulbs to them and you have super awesome lamps ready.

tin can lanterns

Image Credit: Pinterest

Tin Can Lanterns will give an edge to your regular Diwali decor like nothing else. The super simple DIY is really affordable & is very calming. It is a great way to deck up the outdoors & gardens of your house. All you need is Old Tin Cans, a Small Drill, Paint & Candles. Start by painting your Tin Cans, if you like rustic feel you can even leave them as it is. Let the paint dry completely. Now select the pattern you want and start drilling small holes to achieve the pattern of your choice. Once done simply add Candles or Tea Lights to it.

Decorate your house with these awesome DIYs this Diwali. You can also involve your kids in them & let them show their creativity.



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