6 Amazing Hobby Clubs in Delhi-NCR That’ll Give Your Weekends A New Lease of Life

Why should one join a hobby club?

Well, remember the time when we were kids and people used to ask about our hobbies?  We could literally spell out a list. Then college happened and soon were a part of innumerable clubs and societies. That’s where we made the best of friends and memories.

But then, we got ourselves a job. Suddenly, we had no time for our much-cherished hobbies. We’ve stopped meeting new people who share our interests. And to be honest, we don’t know where to start looking and end up watching Netflix instead.

But don’t you worry. We explored the city and made a list of some of the best hobby clubs in Delhi. Be it music or theater, poetry or photography, there is no dearth of options.

So what’s the wait? Read the list, join the clubs and start mingling with people who share the hobbies with you.


Pedalyatri cycling club in delhi

Image: MTB Himalaya

Safe, fun, hassle-free and healthy. There is no better way to explore your city than on a cycle. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot better if were in a good company too?

If the answer to that question is yes, then PedalYatri is the perfect hobby club in Delhi for you. Found with an objective to get enthusiastic cyclists together, the group is free to join for everyone. All you need is your own bike.

The group rides on every weekend & some weekdays too. They trail through hills, fields, and villages near Gurgaon, trying to be as close to nature. On weekends they ride for over 60 kms while on weekdays they cover about 30 kms.

Join PedalYatri here.

delhi poetry slam

Delhi Poetry Slam

Image: Delhi Poetry Slam

Do you read Keats, Byron, and Tennyson often? Oh and you love to write too!

Then, Delhi Poetry Slam is the perfect hobby club to find an audience. Not only does it give you a space to speak out loud, you also get a chance to meet other poets and discuss poetry.

If you find it hard to put your emotions into words, worry not. Delhi Poetry Slam is not merely a hobby club. It conducts lots of workshops, contests, and even courses to help enthusiasts learn the finer nuances of poetry. You can then try and test yourself in one of the numerous events that Delhi Poetry Slam hosts every year.

You can check Delhi Poetry Slam’s Facebook page here.

IIC film club

IIC Film Club Delhi

Cinema for most is a pastime. But for some, it is a passion. For them, not a day goes by without watching a movie, cracking their dialogues or discussing the plots. They explore not only commercial but art house and offbeat cinema too.

Did that just sound like something you do? If yes, then we might just have the perfect club for you to join. The IIC Film Club, one of the oldest film club in Delhi was started way back in 1967. The club’s members include filmmakers, artists, academics, film critics and scholars, journalists, students and other film buffs.

They screen four to six films every month including experimental works and art house cinema. The bottom line being giving people a better insight of the dynamics of a film.

You can check their website here.

delhi book lovers

Delhi Book Lovers Club in Delhi

Image: lbb.in

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”

No one could have said it better than Jane Austen, right? Only a few things in life trump the combination of a good book with an equally good cup of coffee.

While everyone loves pretending to be a voracious reader on Instagram and Tinder, only a few seriously do it. Not only do they read, they love to discuss them and seek recommendations too. What better place to do that than a book club. Fortunately, Delhiites don’t have to look around much.

Founded in 2012, the Delhi Book Lovers club is now more than 3000 members strong and ever growing. Not only do they regularly host meetups, they go beyond by organizing workshops, debates, and book launches.

If this has got you interested, you can check their Facebook group.

delhi photography club

Delhi Photography Club

Image: Delhi Photography Club

With quality DSLR’s becoming more and more affordable, everyone suddenly wants to become a photographer. And while degrees don’t matter much, honing the craft is a necessity if you want to make it big.

That’s where photography clubs can help. Started in 2010, Delhi Photography is one of the best hobby clubs in Delhi you can join. Not only do you connect with top photographers, you also get to attend workshops, photowalks, and exhibitions.

Interesting, right? You can check their Facebook page here

delhi drum circle

We’re talking about music, right? So instead of putting things into words, why don’t I show you a video.

Love the vibe? You can be a part of it too. Just pick up your drum and head to Deer Park near HKV. They announce their meeting on Facebook. You can stay updated here

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