7 Guinness World Records From Jaipur We Bet You Didn’t Knew

Jaipur is a city well known for its rituals, heritage, infrastructure, and royalty. But did you know that the city’s list of awards and achievements is also no less. That’s right. If you start researching, you’ll find multiple entries of Guinness World Records from Jaipur.

Awesome, right? So, we did some research and found 7 Guinness World Records that trace their way back to Jaipur. Something more to brag about when we talk about the city.

man with the longest MUSTACHE in the world


Mooche ho toh Ram Singh Chauhan jaisi.

It is no surprise that the record of longest mustache comes from Rajasthan. A place where they are considered a big part of a person’s identity.

in 2010, at the age of 58, Ram Singh Chauhan of Jaipur entered the Guinness Book of World Record for the having the Longest Mustache in the World. One of his most prized possessions, Ram Singh’s mustache are an incredible 14ft long and it took him 32 years to grow it. He says it takes him 2 hours everyday to groom his stache.

Here’s his record entry on the official website of Guinness World Records.


Image: Adam Paul

Jaipur’s architecture has always been much talked about. But did you know it has found its way to the Guinness World Record too?

The Satsang Bhavan at Govind Devji Temple hold the record for the world’s widest RCC Flat roof construction with a single span of 119 feet. The hall was opened public in July 2009, the same year when it entered the Guinness Book Of World Record.

Here’s the mention of it on Govind Dev Ji’s official website.

WORLD’s largest display of lamps

Image: cityofjaipur

Govind Dev Ji Temple’s tryst with World Record doesn’t end there.

On 30 January 2016, to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s anniversary, Dainik Bhaskar organised the world’s largest display of oil lamps at Govind Devji Temple. 21075 diyas were lit in the temple’s Satsang Bhawan, thus marking its entry in the Guinness Book Of World Record.

A brief about the record is available on Govind Dev Ji’s official website.

WORLD’s LARGEST silver vessels

Image: mapsofindia

Jaipur’s obsession with all things glittery is not new. And one such royal obsession has also found its way in the Guinness Book of World Record.

In one of the halls of City Palace, stand two huge sterling silver vessels called “Kalash.” Both the vessels are 5.2 feet long & weigh 340 kg with a capacity of 4000 liters. These Kalash are officially recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest sterling silver vessels.

In fact the story behind these vessels is pretty interesting too. In 1902, Sawai Madho Singh had to attend the coronation ceremony of the prince Edward VII. A pious king, Madho Singh was afraid about committing religious sin by consuming the English water. Hence he ordered to his worker to build something that he can carried the holy water of Ganges with him.

It took the workers almost 304 days to build these vessels.

THE man who designed world’s biggest sports trophy

Image: youtube

In 2013, Jaipur based jeweler Amit Pabuwal entered the Guinness Book of World Record when he made the world’s biggest gold trophy for a company in North America.

The trophy is 21 inch tall, weighs 8.6 kg and is embellished with diamonds and rubies.

BIGGEST bhoomi poojan of a residential project

bhoomi poojan world record in jaipur

image: houseconstructionindia

On 17 Nov 2007, a record 4532 people including 3510 poojaris assembled in Jaipur for the bhoomi poojan of a residential project by Unique Builders.

Organised in Mahapura, about 16 kms from Jaipur, this event made its way to Guinness Book Of World Record for having the most priests participating in a religious ceremony.

maximum number of comments on social media

Image: fb/shibazkhan

Three students of Amity University – Gajanand Bohra, Shiraz Khan, and Shahwaz Khan made two separate Guinness World Records by getting 3.7 lakh comments in first 24 hrs on their post about ‘Mother’s Love’ on April 8, 2012.

The other record was for getting 34 lakh comments in nine months on the same post. This record was set back on 2013.

Featured Image: bettertext.com

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