7 Things That Every Marwari Is Tired Of Hearing

Being Marwari isn’t easy. Especially when you are travelling or living in a different city. You often get to hear things which are bizarre and frustrates you.

Here are 10 things that every Marwari is tired of hearing or at least we are.

1. Oh, you are a Marwari? KHAMMA GHANI HUKUM


Though we don’t mind it but that’s not how we greet every other person crossing street every day. Not even our family members.

2. So when are you planning to join your family business?

Not every Marwari’s ultimate aim is to grow up and join the family business. That is not what we study for. In fact, for starters, not every Marwari family owns a business.

3. Isn’t kanjus your middle name? or maybe last.

Isn’t *SHUT UP* yours?

4. Man you must be having soooooo much money.

Ya, we own Private Jets, Yachts, Kingdom and oh also found your stereotyped brain in the KHAJANA.

5. On a scale of 1-10 how fancy your wedding is going to be?

Straight out of movies bruh!

6. Non-vegetarian food? tauba-tauba

Eating Non-Veg isn’t a crime (unless it’s beef). Try thinking outside the daal-baati, yeah?

7. You are already 23? how come you aren’t married yet?

How come your face is still talking to my face?


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