8 Ordinary Women From Jaipur Who Are Doing Something Extraordinary

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a Nobel Prize winner to bring about a change or to do something revolutionary. If you really want to make a change, all you need is immense determination and the will to push through.

Though every woman is special and exceptional in their own way, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, here we are sharing stories of 8 Ordinary Women From Jaipur doing their best in their fields are making us super proud.

apra kucchal

Apra Kucchal is a lady of many dyna\ics. She is the owner of Handi Restaurant which is a known name in and around the globe for its Indian Delicacies. Apra is an evident social worker and started WE CARE an initiative that promotes women, youth, art and culture. Through the platform, she believes in changing the mindset of the people regarding Art, Artist and helps women grow. She has been awarded numerous prestigious awards for the work she has done. She ensures she helps as many women as she could through her various initiatives.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/WECAREJaipur/

sumeeti mittal

Sumeeti Mittal an Engineer by profession started Pratham Shiksha in the year 2005 with the resolution to provide quality education to the underprivileged children. What started as a passion for educating children in her garage has helped more than 5000 slum students in achieving their goals by now. At Pratham Shiksha, she along with her staff ensures every child is given personal attention without worrying about the expenditures. Sumeeti now plans to expand Pratham Shiksha till Class X and start vocational courses for her students equipping them with skills.

Visit: http://www.prathamshiksha.org/


jayshree periwal

Jayshree Periwal revolutionised the education system in Rajasthan with Jayshree Periwal Group of Schools. What started with one student in her garage today nurtures more than 8000 students in 5 schools in Rajasthan. She was also the first one to start truly international school offering the IB in Rajasthan. Today her group of schools ranks on number One in Rajasthan and Seven in India. She has provided education of International standards to the students of Rajasthan.

pallavi jaipur

Pallavi Jaipur is a renowned fashion designer and a name known to all. She in her career has achieved lot more than what others could only dream of. She was one of the first designers from Jaipur who made their remark Internationally. Her label emphasizes global style, luxury and wearability. She has designed for numerous celebrated names and has showcased her couture at esteemed fashion shows. She speaks and breaths Fashion and helps the local Kaarigars grow through her fashion line.

aarushi kilawat

Aarushi Kilawat– a young entrepreneur from Jaipur started The Loom Art in 2017 and is rocking every stage and exhibition ever since. The Loom Art focuses on handloom and handwoven fabric and designs. They deal in Apparels, Paintings, Accessories, Home Decor & Pottery. She studied fabric closely and with the motive of reviving old authentic embroidery techniques and generating employment for the craftsman. She also worked with NGO Naya Savera for 5 years and helped them grow.

Visit: https://worldartcommunity.com/index.php

surbhi mishra

Surbhi Misra is a Squash Player and an International star. She has participated in various National and International championships and her World Ranking was 79. She started her own sports management company, Surbhi Misra Sports Foundation in 2012. She believes in encouraging young and raw talent and is cultivating sports culture in India. Through her foundation, she has been helping the talented sports person grow by providing the best of facilities in the city itself.

dharmendra kanwar

Dharmendra Kanwar is the famous writer and author who hails from Jaipur and been writing since past 20 years. She started her writing career immediately after completing her school. She soon developed a taste for travelling and took to travel writing in the late eighties. She never looked back since. She was awarded as Best Travel Writer by Government of Rajasthan. She has written various coffee table books and travel journals that won many National & International awards.

dr. aishwarya joshi

Dr Aishwarya Joshi is a Dental Surgeon and owner of the Dentacure dental clinic. She graduated from Rajasthan Dental College and has worked in several leading hospitals like Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Santokba Durlabji Memorial Hospital. Her clinic has all the modern facilities and provides best of the treatment to her patients. That’s not that, Dr Joshi runs several camps in Government Schools and Old Age Homes with the motive of ensuring a good oral hygiene to every commoner.

Someone rightly said- you don’t need wings to fly, all you need is the determination in your eyes and a strong will. These powerful, beautiful and talented women from the city of Jaipur are proving it to us. More power to these beautiful hearts, souls and minds.

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