8 Reasons Why Jaipur Literature Festival 2018 Is A Must Visit For All

Are you that person who had always loved to be with people who breathe writing and books? Do you always feel like the world would be a better place had there been more people who could appreciate the power of the pen? Had it been your childhood dream to write at least one novel before you die? Then the Jaipur Literature Fest is the place for you to be. Drop all other engagements, and mark your calendar from 25th January to 29th January, for the literary bonanza is not much far away.

Here are 8 reasons as to why you can not miss out on JLF 2018.

it is the largest free literary Festival


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The grandest literary extravaganza wherein you can meet your favourite authors for free! From Nobel laureates to Man Booker prize winners, you can listen to them all without cutting loose your pockets. As magical as it may sound the experience is even better, so be there.

exceptionally talented speakers


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The list of speakers is out and believe us it’s LIT. You will get to listen to critically acclaimed film director Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bhardwaj,  New York Times bestselling poet Rupi Kaur, Afghanistan’s Former President Hamid Karzai, Veteran actor Sharmila Tagore, Soha Ali Khan, Politician Shashi Tharoor, Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai to name some.

kickass cultural nights


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The cultural nights at JLF have always been the centres of attention and attraction. Get ready to delve into some of India’s heritage, which will leave you mesmerised. To add icing to the cake, this year Kailash Kher, Kalisa, Barmer Boys, Shilpa Rao is on the list.  So along with the wise words of the speakers, you will also retain in your heart some soul-soothing music.

inspiration all around

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Wherever you go, whatever you do, inspiration will follow you. The fest is a popular escape for budding poets, writers, cartoonists and even musicians. As speakers share stories of their lives, and how they made it to being influential persons in their field of literature, they motivate young listeners into following their dreams. The fest is an elite space for artists and enthusiasts to celebrate all that adds essence to their lives- literature in its many forms.

food, food and food

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Jaipur is a synonym for food. You can spot a number of makeshift patisseries in every nook. There are lots of options from fine dining restaurants to local food options. Also, Rome in the open bazaars, and indulge in some local delicacies. Bite into the amazing pyaajkachoris, bhujia, dal baati, mawa and samosas. Do not leave that sweet tooth unsatiated; do try some churma, balushahi and ghevar. Is your mouth watering?

gain membership as a writer

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Jaipur Literature Festival this year is not only promoting the existing talent but is also all set to give the raw writers a great platform. They are inviting the amateur writers for a mentorship programme to train them right as an author.  The First Book Club is sure to sharpen the skills of the newbie writer to the point of excellence.

fashion hub

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JLF isn’t just the literature fest but is also the fashion hub. If you want some great fashion inspiration or just love fashion in general, you just can’t miss out on Jaipur Literature Festival 2018. Right from authors, speakers to bloggers and localities, they all are coloured and dressed in all shades of fashion.

diggi palace

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If you are not interested in anything mentioned above yet want to chill at some uber cool place, attend JLF. The Diggi Palace is grand, gorgeous and a sight for sore eyes. The palace comes lively during JLF and is painted in all colours. The decor every year is unique, quirky and colourful. Take pictures of the interesting installations, witness art or just soak in the winter sun in lush green gardens.

Check out the official website of JLF for further details: https://jaipurliteraturefestival.org/


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