8 Things You Will Understand If You Are A Baniya

Baniyas are often confused with the word ‘miser.’ They are so much stereotyped that people form a mental image just by hearing their surname.

Here are eight things that everyone thinks about a Baniya.  If you’re a Gupta, an Agarwal, or a Khandelwal – here’s something you’ll TOTALLY relate to.

You’re expected to be loaded with cash 

New 500 Rupee Notes

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Tired of being accused of having loads of cash even when you’re just as broke as your friends?

Sadly, if you’re a Baniya your friends simply expect you to be always loaded with money. And it’s a given that you are from a big-fat-filthy rich family. Even when Demonetisation and cashless transaction was a thing, you were expected to carry bundles of currency in your pockets.

the ‘baniya’ weddings

Baniya Wedding

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Every big fat Indian wedding is a ‘Baniya’ wedding. It’s an unsaid Baniya rule – shaadis HAVE to be grand.  What better stage to flaunt all the wealth and spend the savings than your child’s wedding?

It is true, a Baniya can’t limit themselves with a low budget wedding.

‘log kya kahenge?’

What will people say meme

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The entire dialogue about, “Log dekhenge, toh kya kahenge?” runs in the family.

Almost every decision made in the family depends on this one dialogue. It’s never about you, it’s about the society. Isn’t it?

they are everywhere!

They are everywhere meme

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Looking for a place to go out for some alone time? Or may be for a date? Stop kidding yourself then.

Every cafe or restaurant that you plan on going to, you will bump into a relative. And chances are high that they’ll let your family know.

keeping up with the traditions

Traditionas of Baniya

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Customs like marrying within the same caste, keeping away from non-veg (for as long as you can) and saving money (as much as you can) are the pillars of virtue that every Baniya needs to abide by.

And even if you try to go the other way, we all know the drama thereof!

grown up hearing ‘save, save, save!’

Baniya Savings

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Baniya’s are the smartest spenders, we all will agree to that (except the weddings!). And now you can’t help saving all your bills, calculating and recalculating any losses.

In addition, bargaining for every little thing and always getting yourself a great deal comes handy.

tired of the word ‘miser’

Scrooge McDuck

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On a scale of one to ten, how ‘Kanjoos’ are you? Even after all those free treats?

Some stereotypes never lose hold of this word! Smarter than the rest, they calculate every spending very wisely. They are simply people who value money. Period.

what next? of course, family business!

Family Business

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People never doubt your career. They just presume for you to be joining family business later.

And why not? You’ve been trained to join the family business for as long as you can remember! Plus it’s rewarding – but until then, you can chill!

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