About Us

“If your city is a treasure island, then we’re the map that points you to the hidden gold.”

There are so many interesting things happening in your city right now. But you are still stuck up in your room getting bored.


Maybe, because you are too lazy to search. Or, perhaps you don’t know where to start looking.

If only you had that one outgoing friend who knew everything happening in your city. Someone who could tell you “There’s something interesting going on that you might like. Wanna check out?”

Hey, we can be that friend for you!

A café that offers the best coffee, a meet up of book lovers, a nightclub that hosts the best party in town, or the best place to hike near your city. We know it all. And we’re gonna let you out the secrets.

Why Desi Diaries

Because we know exactly what you need. And can help you make better plans with your squad.

Our team is always out in the city, exploring what’s new, interesting, hip and exciting. We connect with like-minded locals, people like you and me, and share their city secrets.

The coolest events, bars, spas, gyms, hotels, you can explore them all here.


Have you started a new restaurant? Or you’re conducting a photography workshop next weekend? Or you’re a designer out with your new collection?

We can help you connect with the audience of your niche and help you boost your sales or market your brand.

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