An Open Letter To The Man Who Ruined A Woman’s Life With Acid

Hello There Criminal,

How are you doing? I’m sure last 4 nights weren’t the best for you. Afterall the things didn’t go as per your plan. And I’m not ashamed to start this letter by denoting you as a criminal.

All it took was ONE NO from the woman you claim to be in love with to ruin her life. Just One No in answer to your proposal made you angry enough to destroy her life with acid. You threw acid not only on her face and body that day but also on her entity. The scars on her body might fade away but what about the scars you left on her soul?

The reason that you were in love with her and she refused to marry you doesn’t give you any right to do such a horrendous act. She time and again asked you to maintain a distance from her and in return you blackmailed her. She thought you were her neighbour & a friend and you’ll never harm her. Instead, you took advantage of her. Just because a girl is talking to you, doesn’t mean she will leave her entire world for you.

Why a NO from her left you so indignant and angry. She had a family of her own. She loved her husband and her three beautiful kids. She was working as a housekeeper to give her family a better future by helping them financially. In your head, she was in love with you and you claimed you were too. On the day when the whole world was celebrating love, you chose to show her your cruel face. You attacked her with acid.

The lady is in unbearable pain since 14th of February, the same day when you decided to put her face on the blaze. She is still in the hospital bed getting treated for 15% burns on her face, arm and torso. Her husband and kids are still shocked and are trying to deal with the pain. The woman can’t stop crying not just because of the pain but also the embarrassment. Every time she’ll look into the mirror after that day, it will remind her of you and your dirty act.

I wish to meet you and many like you someday and ask you what if it was your Wife/ Daugther/ Mother instead of her that day that was attacked with acid. What if you were on the receiving end? I want to ask you about those restless nights you then probably will spend crying your heart out. Not once this thought crossed your mind while you bought the bottle of acid that it will result in something dreadful. This wasn’t just a crime or mistake, but it was a murder. A murder of someone’s dream, her future, her confidence and her soul. It’ll take days, months and years for the woman you professed you were madly in love with to not hate you now.

Every murder needs to be punished and you’ll be too. Not only by the law but also by the Karma. Now while you spend rest of your life in the jail I hope you rot in guilt every single day. You weren’t a man enough to let her live her life peacefully. I don’t understand, how exactly a woman rejecting you or your proposal make you question on your manhood. If you want to win someone, do it by effort.

I curse you and many others do too. One day with the support from her family she’ll rise again. She’ll live her dreams again and you’ll be behind bars. I hope your every day is restless after today and every night is sleepless. I hope you and many life you understand a lesson that just because you can’t have someone, you can’t ruin them either. The true power of love is always in giving.

Today as I write this, I shiver just by thinking of the pain she must be going through right now. And today I sure as hell can say, We survived but humanity sure died.

Truly Not Yours,
A Devasted Indian

May we learn to love each other, may everyone live a safe life, may no family have to go through pain. God, up there is surely preparing a place for us, where there is no violence, no sorrow and no pain. AMEN

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