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An MBA degree holder with a passion for food, travel, fashion and singing. An introvert by nature who shares by writing. An ardent believer in 'Happiness is a self-made state of mind'.


5 Prominent Cricketers From Jaipur We Are Super Proud Of!

“I don’t like cricket, I love it!” The ever increasing number of followers, speaks volumes about the popularity of Cricket. Whether it’s a group of friends at chai ki thadi or bespectacled dadaji with his league, there is no barter for the love of cricket. The Zeal for Cricket among the Jaipurites can be observed…

Kulfiwala-Jaipur-Jaipur Diaries

Cold, Colourful and Classic: Kulfi Joints in Jaipur

Childhood is the most amazing part of a person’s life. And there are plenty of memories that a person holds but the topmost childhood memories that can be preserved for a lifetime, consist having ice candies after school, watching favourite cartoon shows, dancing in the rain, and having yummy kulfis bought from the ‘tan-tan’ kulfi-walas….


5 Best Options In Jaipur For Yummy Meals On Wheels

The number of new cafes/restaurants/eating joints opening up at an active pace, validate the fact that Jaipur is a city of food lovers. A noted blooming trend that can be seen these days is food trucks in Jaipur occupying its different areas. And anyone who has savored their preparations knows that variety of food served…

Art Galleries In Jaipur

5 Places To Buy Some Marvelous Pieces Of Art In Jaipur

Jaipur is a city of vibrant hues, happiness and rich culture. An artistic culture that is a blend of ancient and modern values. Especially, the exquisite paintings & handicraft items have been grabbing eyeballs of the locals and tourists. It is noteworthy that there are numerous art galleries in Jaipur that have been honoring the…

Wardrobe Essentials For College

7 Wardrobe Essentials For College Every Newbie Must Own

With the Board results getting declared, there are a lot of things that start changing in a student’s life. Most importantly, what undergoes a transformation is wardrobe and dress-sense of students that become freshmen in college. A fantastic addition is a freedom to choose from a stylish variety of trending essentials. While most of the…

Chilled Treats In Jaipur

Beat The Heat With These Yummy Chilled Treats In Jaipur

Pink city has always topped the list of tourists. With the arrival of summers, an enthusiasm awakens among the people. No matter how freakishly hot the weather is, it cannot deter their craze for the city. And when the sweltering summers combine with the stroll around different corners of the city, a few icy refreshments…

Melodious Voice In Jaipur

5 Upcoming Singers With A Melodious Voice In Jaipur

A good voice is a god’s-gift, and  especially when it’s melodious, it adds to the charm of the owner. Decades ago, a sweet voice was considered a matter of rare chance. But presently, even a loud, clear, and  confident voice is no less than a notable attribute. Jaipur is a city of various budding artists….


5 Premier Resorts In Jaipur For A Perfect Weekend Getaway

With the summer vacations on, some of you might have already left for a trip abroad or a hill station, while others are still looking for an escape to get relieved from the scorching heat. For those who haven’t planned any trip yet, there is an alternate plan. How about a relaxing weekend at a…


5 Epic Things You Must Do While Near Amer

Earlier a city, Amer Fort, used to be known to be a home to the royal family of Jaipur. The fort has now become one of the most treasured tourist destinations. The grand architecture, spectacular design, age-old artillery, solemn Shila Devi temple and magnificent Sheesh Mahal make it impressively alluring. But there are other things yet…

Best Chaatwalas in Jaipur

5 Chaatwalas in Jaipur That Serve The Most Lipsmacking Chaat

Chaat is something that we, the Jaipurites can munch on, no matter, what time of the day it is. Gone are those times when people used to say that “only girls love chaat.” It is now relished by each and every person irrespective of their age or gender. It becomes more fun when the love for…