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Plan Your Sunday Brunch At These 5 Amazing Places In Jaipur

As tiring as the week gets, we all wait for Sundays. And Sundays can’t get any better than when you’re with family. Rather than putting the burden to cook, on your mom, Jaipur Diaries would suggest you take the whole family out for a brunch date. After all who doesn’t love the comfort of being served good…


5 Take-away Shops In Jaipur That Pack The Most Delicious Food

We all love eating out but nothing matches the comfort of sitting at home in pyjamas, bing-watching your favorite sitcoms or movies and hogging on some great food. No doubt food-delivery can be a great option, but at times either a place doesn’t deliver in your locality. Or worse, the delivery charges are your month’s…


Best Places In Jaipur To Breakfast Like A King Under INR 100

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and probably the only reason most of us look forward to mornings. In fact, in cities like Jaipur, where everyone loves food, you get the best options for the scrumptious breakfasts. The street stalls and various small shops serving breakfast in Jaipur are a favorite among…


The Best College Canteens In Jaipur To Chill Out With Friends

College life is the best and the most memorable part of anyone’s life. Bunking classes and sitting in the canteen for hours made the most of our memories in college. Days, when we used to bring lunch to school, came to an end when we all started relying on food from our college canteens, most…


A Sunday In Jaipur From The Tongue Of A Food Blogger

Sunday, as we call it God’s day is supposed to be a total relaxed and chilled out sort of day. And what could relax and chill anyone, more than food? Instead of sitting at home, and wasting the day, I decided to spend it in the most fantastic way. Of course, it’s a food bloggers hobby…

Best Momos in Jaipur

A Foodie’s Guide To The Best Momos In Jaipur

We all tend to run to the momo stalls near our home at evenings for a treat when we’re all super hungry. And why wouldn’t we? Who doesn’t love the tiny steamed dumplings stuffed with delicious vegetables? And with the increase in the variety of momos available to us, be it fried, steamed or chicken momos, we…


Where To Chill In Jaipur When Not In The Mood For Alcohol and Hookah?

Places that serve alcohol and hookah are no doubt great places to hang out. They have the right vibe that youngsters look for and its now a part of the modern trend. In fact owing to their popularity, almost every other place is now serving alcohol and hookah. But sometimes you are just not in the…


Where To Eat After Shopping In These Famous Jaipur Markets

Whenever we go out for shopping (Boys, read dragged for shopping) in these famous Jaipur markets, we tend to get hungrier than usual. By the time we’re done with all the shopping we’re too tired to decide where to eat. And we end up eating at either a very ordinary place or a trashy little place….


5 Best Places In Jaipur To Satisfy Your Golgappa Cravings

Golgappa, puchke, pani-puri, this thing has diverse names and amazing taste. For the one’s from Jaipur, having golgappe at least once in a week is a compulsion. There’s a golgappe wale bhaiya at every nook and corner of the street, but only a few know the art of preparing the tastiest, crispiest golgappe, keeping in…


10 Awesome Food Places of Jaipur Only ’90s Kids Would Remember

There’s no denying the fact that the 90’s kids had the best childhood. We literally had the best of everything, be it the music, the cartoons that we watched, or the food we had. Those weekend brunches with family or the little outings with dad might be still fresh in your memory. Family dinners at the…


5 Unique Gifts Ideas For Valentine’s Day And Where To Get Them

By Priyamvada (@thefoodiepanda) Love is in the air with Valentine’s day coming up. Most of us are looking for unique gifts to impress our better half, but the gift stores are full of the basic stuff. Thank God for internet and all the free time we had, we searched for the best gifting options for…


5 Healthy Food Joints in Jaipur That Promise To Keep You Fit

By Priyamvada (@thefoodiepanda) We’ve all tried eating healthy, but we majorly fail at it! Obviously who’d take the pain of chopping veggies, cutting fruits, drinking the tasteless juices and spend hours in the shopping aisle, searching for healthy food, when you’re surrounded by tempting instant noodles and all the junk food.