A Tea-Lover’s Guide To Places That Serve The Best Tea In Jaipur

“India runs on tea”

Now, Isn’t that true? Tea is like our national beverage. Our lifeline! Whether its about kick-starting the day or relaxing on a lazy evening. From fiighting Monday blues to random chit chat sessions. Tea has been the perfect companion, warming us up through thick and thin. And, think about those rainy days! Rains without a cup of tea would be unimaginable and simply tragic. Won’t it be?

Okay! We can never run out of reasons to love tea. So, here we have rolled our a list of  places that serve the best tea in the city. Thank me later!

Tapri- the tea house

tapri the tea house jaipur

Image: fb/Tapri-The Tea House

When its about tea, Tapri is the first place that comes to mind. Started off as a small hangout for the students in lal kothi, this place is now one of the best cafes in jaipur with a larger setup in C-scheme. They have an elaborate tea menu consisting of everything from cutting adrak chai to kashmiri kahwa to chinese oolong tea. The variety of tea in their quirky menu could totally give some tea-gasms to a chai person. what’s more? Their amazing sides like vada pao, maggi, muska buns and you get a complimentary Parle-g with chai.


Tea Spots in Jaipur - Chaisa

Image: Tarun Gupta Photography

How they say that good things often come in small packages. This place prove it in all earnestness. The quaint little cafe in lal kothi is another great place to quench your tea thirst. However they don’t have a very elaborate tea menu with oolongs and white tea, you won’t be disappointed with what they have. The inexpensive menu and its location makes it a perfect hangout for the students and office goers. Afterall, what could be better than a banarasi kullhad chai after a long day at work or a boring lecture.

tea tradition

Tea Tradition Jaipur

Image: fb/Tea Tradition

Now, here’s a place you can easily make your workstation into. Or, when you quietly want to read a book while sipping some delicious tea. There are three branches of Tea tradition in Jaipur, i.e. Mansarover, C Scheme, and Raja Park, and they are all quite similar in terms of ambiance or menu. The good music and artistic undertones of the place teamed with a wide variety of teas ensures that you have a good time. Body & soul. They have herbal teas, white and black teas, basic English breakfast or earl grey, and also some luxury teas like pomegranate orange and rose oolong.

Thirstea – the teateria

Thirstea Jaipur

Image: Thirstea

As the name suggests, the place is a must try for tea lovers. They have over 150 kind of teas ranging from ginger tulsi, green teas, herbal teas to health teas and organic chai. The prices are pretty affordable and they usually have a lot of student discounts and other schemes going on. The ambiance of the place is fun and cozy, but since its in a basement, the place gets a little suffocated when packed. They have a variety of board games, so this could be an ideal afternoon hangout with your chai buddies.

Gulab ji Chai wala

Gulab Ji Chai Wala Jaipur

Image: Instagram/@aura_unicorn

When it comes to tea, some part of you always wants to have that kadak masala chai of tea stalls. Now here’s a shop that has been selling the best masala chai for more than 70 years. Situated right opposite Ganpati Plaza on MI road is the renowned Gulab ji chai wala. The masala chai of this place is simply the best. Gulabji never reveals the secret ingredient that makes their chai so special. Well! as long as we keep getting our share of it, we don’t really mind.

sahu tea

Sahu Chai Jaipur

Image: Fb/anfernee

If you are a chai lover, you probably already know of the famous Sahu tea at Chaura Rasta. The little tea shop offers the best tea and people swear by its unique taste. Sahu has been running this tea shop with his family for past forty years. So, this is your place to be the next time you get a serious case of chai craving. You can also get some snacks and munchies like mathri, samosa, etc. to accompany your chai.

chai chaska

Chai Chaskaa Jaipur

Image: beautifuljaipur

Situated in Chitrakoot, this is a tea shop cum cafe which you can visit on a rainy evening. The energy of the place is quite spirited as it’s usually bustling with youngsters. You can grab a cup of tea and sit in your car after an evening drive or sit outside the cafe. The place is very small but their tea is quite nice. They have some delectable options in tea, like kesar tea, elaichi tea and a mom special tea which has some homemade masala.

So, ready for some Chai break? Ccoz where there’s tea, there’s hope!

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