A 120 kg Ghewar? Jaipur sets Asia record with this king-sized Ghewar

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A 120 kg Ghewar? Jaipur sets Asia record with this king-sized Ghewar

Salivating over a range of desserts and sweets is a thing in India's diverse land, and of its folk. A delicacy garnished with tons of malai plus the sumptuous saffron and dry fruits can absolutely make one drool. What if Jaipur takes its name forward in regard to making this gigantic ghewar possible, prepared by a team of professional halwais? Well, it certainly did and stood triumphed and undaunted as it made to the Asia Book of Records.

The record was devised by Jaipur's famous Gyanjee Caterers as a part of the Salt Food Festival, making the largest ghewar, which weighed a whopping 120 kg and measured 6 feet in diameter. While the ghewar was being prepared, over 500 people assembled to take a glimpse of the sweet delicacy take shape at Gyanjee's Advaita, Sirsi Road.

Images: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

This is being taken as a pioneer step to the Salt food festival which will event on October 20 and 21. The objective of this whole activity was to put Jaipur and its food on a forefront on the world map. And nothing could have been better than a delicacy that makes everyone elated in their best form. The minimum essential to create the record was a 20kg ghewar, but an epic 120kg one was prepared. Besides, customised equipment was also made to ensure the ghewar's durability. The recognition it received is sure to do wonders for Rajasthan and its culture altogether.

This pursuit was spearheaded with respect to culture and creativity, and also marked the presence of the adjudicator from Asia Book of Records for the ocassion. As the certificate was handed over, the record-breaking freshly prepared ghewar was distributed to the guests, satisfying their sweet tooth at its best.