Face Behind The Voice: 5 RJs Of Jaipur We Love Listening To

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Face Behind The Voice: 5 RJs Of Jaipur We Love Listening To

In all honesty, we love listening to the radio because of the music. Who cares about the person blabbering behind and about what. Right??


We may not accept it but listen to these voices remind us of the old friend. With whom we could talk about any topic, share some jokes and laugh our heart out. And this particular friend is also weaving your favorite songs in the conversation.

Radio jockeying demands a great sense of presence, wit, and spontaneity along with a more than great Music taste. And these 5 RJ's of Jaipur have mastered the craft of it.

Rj devangana- 95 FM tadka

For the most of us, waking up at 7 in the morning is a task itself! But this Bhaukali Girl is waking up the whole country and lifting us up with her energetic and effervescent voice.
We should all be thankful for her late mom who took her to the All India Radio audition where she found the love of her life 'radio'.
She credits her mother for making the show hit among the both masses and classes with her unwavering support.

Apart from her obvious love of radio jockeying and music, she also loves to explore new places and travel throughout for her leisure.

Rj Parul- 91.1 Radio city[hr gap="2"]


She admits that becoming a radio jockey was never her dream. But after getting the opportunity, she is now enjoying every moment of it. She has an experience of working as an anchor and news reader too. Despite being a good voice artist, she truly believes that if not an RJ, she would have been a typical bahu of a daily soap.

She is also a big time foodie and love to get clicked. And if you meet her for the first time, she will also take pleasure in spooking you by telling you about your nature based on your zodiac.

Her life funda is, "Tension Karo Gul Jab Sath Mei Ho Parul". And to be honest, her magical words inspire us to follow the same mantra!

Rj Ravindra- 93.5 red fm[hr gap="2"]


This lovla guy although claims to be more badnaam then famous, but he is one of the most sought after RJ in radio industry! And that's all because of his punches, humor, and spontaneity.
His journey started with a private radio station. His voice was recognized and in the journey, he got his first break with an evening show in Ajmer. Since then, he never looked back!

A fan of barati style dancing and South Indian movies, the RJ loves to do Sher-O-Shayari and cooking. And he won't mind if you tell him he looks like Nawazuddin  Siddiqui.

RJ Sudeepta- 91.1 Radio city[hr gap="2"]

After competing with 2200 people and clearing 5 Rounds her fairy tale started. Always a talkative girl, she later found the creativity in her words. She credits her talent to her previous experience as an anchor, news reader, and TV actor. And also, to some extent her Bengali genes. The best thing she likes about her job is that she's allowed to wear Pyjamas at work.

Apart from Jockeying she is also a fitness freak and is been into gyming and fitness since 2008. Dance and running are other add-ons which keep her on feet!

RJ Kartik- 94.3 my fm[hr gap="2"]

Kartik was always crazy and passionate about the radio. And his this passion made Kartik left his marketing job and worked as an intern with a radio station in 2009. On 1st September 2010, RJ Kartik was born. And in short time due to his package full of emotions, humor, wit, satire, and melodrama, he climbed high on the ladder of success.

Be it celebrating birthdays of children in NGOs, working for a social cause, or to bring change in the societal mindsets, RJ Kartik is playing an idol to make the city a better place.