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If there’s one thing men love more than anything in the world; it’s cars. We’ve grown up with their posters up on our wall which later on became desktop screen savers. Even our tuition registers had to be with the cover of a cool sports car. The latest hotwheels was what we craved the most.

One memory that we’d never forget is the thrill of driving a car for the very first time. You’d be lying if you didn’t think of pushing the accelerator like Dom from Fast and Furious at that very moment.

But while the idea of owning a sports car was always alluring, the love for vintage cars stood out. We’d almost shout out when we spotted one on the road, and admire them with a fixed gaze as they royally skid by. As a Jaipurite, the Vintage Car Rally is something I’ve always looked forward to. So many classic beauties driving through the wide roads of this beautiful city. What fun!

Fortunately, I got to talk to a few gents who are a regular part of such rallies and own a few classics themselves. Let’s meet these vintage car lovers from Jaipur.



For Aquib, the love for vintage cars transcends generations. His grandfather, right after his marriage, bought a 1923 Austin Chummy. It is currently the oldest car in Rajasthan. Several other vintage beauties followed and Aquib has grown up playing around these cars ever since he was a kid.

Today, Aquib’s family owns not one or two but 25 vintage cars. These include 9-10 Fords, a couple of Dodges, Standard Herald, and rare Fiats. Plus, a Desoto, Plymouth, Vanguard, Chevrolet special edition, a Mercedes, and a few sports cars.

You’ll also find the only Erskine and Rockne present in India in Aquib’s garage. On his wishlist next is Austin Healey 1959. The best way to see them? Aquib is a regular participant and one of the organisers of the vintage car rally that takes place in Jaipur. He’s planning to open a vintage car museum too.

When asked about how to go about if one wants to buy a vintage car, Aquib says that it’s not that easy. For the simple reason that there aren’t many available and their existing owners are reluctant to part with them. You might find some sellers on OLX and other such websites but the asking the amount are touching the sky. According to him, the best way to get your hands on one is to look around for them in rural areas. If lucky, you might find one on a bargain.

But be aware. While buying still might be easy, maintaining them and importing parts to restore them is a tougher task.



Kartikeya’s interest in vintage car stirred up when he was a kid and his father was into the restoration of vintage cars. Currently, he owns a Morris Minor 1930 model, a 1930’s Ford A, a Rover 1948 and quite a few other projects.  The 1930 Morris Minor – which is probably the oldest Morris Minor in India – was the first vintage car he bought back in 2010. While the list of his dream cars is endless, an early 1930s Rolls Royce is what he desires the most.
Kartikeya too is a regular at the Jaipur Vintage Car Rally and that’s where you can catch up on these beauties. And if you want to buy one for yourself, he says the best bet is to talk to people who own these cars and join their network.



Vintage cars have been a passionate for Himanshu for more than a decade now. It all started when one of his customers asked him to restore a Ford Model A. Since then, he has restored around 130 classics till date for royal families, established businessmen, eminent car lovers, and enthusiasts. These include Jaguar XK140 1956,  AC Cobra 1964 , Mercedes 290 1936 , Rolls Royce Silver Wraith 1947, Jaguar MK4 , Morgan 1947, and Ford Mustang.
He’d love to own a Duesenberg Model J and thinks its styling and engineering were way ahead of its time.
For the past few years, Himanshu has been organising Cartista one-of-a-kind festival that brings together his love for art and automobiles. With an intent to showcase the importance of art in shaping up the society, Cartist is great space for artists to show their work in form of paintings, sculptures, and installations based around modern and vintage cars.