MOBMISTRI: Bringing Phone Repair To Your Doorstep!

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MOBMISTRI: Bringing Phone Repair To Your Doorstep!

While college life is all about fun, partying and love affairs, some choose to make it different. Yes, we are talking about three budding entrepreneurs from Jaipur, who are just 18 years old and are changing the traditional method of mobile repairs in Jaipur. Sparsh, Bhavya, and Aman are the Co-founders of Mobmistri, a smart mobile phone repair startup revolutionizing the traditional mobile phone repairs.

Times have changed. Today, we need our mobile phones more than anything. Our phone is the last thing that we notice before we sleep, and the first we check after opening our eyes. And God forbid, should your phone break down, your entire world comes crashing down. Going to the repair shop is a stretch and the miserable wait of 2 to 3 days before your precious possession is returned to you, is furthermore heart rending. What's more there, is the problem of data privacy to take care of.

Well, Worry no more! We present to you- MobMistri. They take the hassle of repairing your phone right out of your hands.

According to these young geniuses, “Our phones are turning smarter day by day but getting them repaired is too time-consuming, labored and unreliable, in short not so smart, therefore we want to change it.” So, here is a list of the perks you'll enjoy with them.

  1. Free pick up and drop – You don’t have to come to them, just call and they'll be there to pick up your phone.

  2. Service within 12 hours – You don’t have to wait for 5-7 days, Mobmistri will fix your phone within 12 hours.

  3. Standardised price – Not as high as service centers and not as random as local repair shops.

  4. Repair warranty – up to 12 months warranty on their repairs which means assured best quality parts.

  5. Spare phone – They provide spare phones so that your work and life never stop.

Mobmistri provides the perfect mobile repair service that is quick, effective and convenient for you.

To book services, Call/WhatsApp: +91-7568882524, 7425959441, 7014124192