One For The Reading Buffs: 5 Books About Jaipur That You Must Not Miss Out

Did you know that it was Maharaja Ram Singh who ordered Jaipur to be painted pink? Or that, Jaipur was the first planned city of India?

While we all have a fair idea of Jaipur’s rich cultural heritage but there are so many interesting facts and anecdotes that we miss out on.
These instances have been translated on papers by many authors.

As the world celebrated the World Book Day, yesterday, we pick up these 5 books that define the history and culture of Jaipur in the most compelling manner. These books will make you travel back in time and will introduce you to the royal life of rulers, the daily life of commoners and the beauty of Jaipur in general.

Perfect list for that summer reading.

A Princess Remembers: The Memoirs of the Maharani of Jaipur

By Gayatri Devi and Santha Rama Rau

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A perfect book to discover what it was like during the time when Maharaja ruled Jaipur. The book will amaze you with the fascinating life story of one of India’s most elegant and powerful women and her journey as the Maharani of Jaipur.

An engaging read, it takes you from Gayatri Devi’s carefree childhood to her being the princess of Cooch Behar and later on her experiences with life at City Palace of Jaipur. The book provides an insight into the extraordinary life of this fascinating women, Maharani Gayatri Devi.

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jaipur: the last destination

By Aman Nath and Samar Singh Jodha


An unparalleled introduction to Jaipur through beautiful landscape images and narration pulling history of the city.

The book is a gorgeous tribute to the art, architecture, heritage, palaces, and theaters of Jaipur. The lovely images by photographer Samar Singh Jodha bring the narration of the writer to life. The author leads us through the nine centuries of the city, pulling history out of textbooks and gradually making us fall in love with the city and its roots.

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the last maharaja: a biography of sawai man singh II

By Quentin Crewe


An engaging read on the biography of the last ruling Maharaja of Jaipur state and his contribution in modernizing Jaipur to make it the state capital.

Entitled as the successor of the Jaipur throne at the age of eleven, he foresaw the future of the state of Jaipur as constitutional monarchy. An ambassador from India to Spain, Sawai Man Singh II was also a renowned polo player. The book embark his journey as a Maharaja to passage of power from his hands to his people.

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a history of jaipur, c.1503-1938

by Jadunath Sarkar


The vibrant history of Jaipur is something Jadunath Sarkar believes we all should know about.

The book traces the history of the princely state of Jaipur as Kacchhawa house and various incidences of history that influenced and shaped the culture of Jaipur. Written back in 1939-40, the book takes you the period of Mughals and British and development of the state in an era.

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marwari kitchen

By Bina Parasramka


Beyond the rich culture and Maharajas, the unique and popular Marwari cuisines of Jaipur are tongue tickle for every foodie.

This book by the author Bina Parasramka is your ultimate kitchen companion for Marwari food. From dal-baati-churma to panchmela dal, this book is going to teach you the best-tasting marwari meals without all the fuss. The only pre-requisite is, lots of ghee!

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