5 Best Book Stores And Libraries In Jaipur For Your Love of Reading

The minute I thought about writing on book stores and libraries in Jaipur, this lovely quote came to my mind.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

True, isn’t it? I am sure so many of you who adore books to death would relate to it. Oh, and the bookstores! Even though Amazon and Flipkart have changed our buying habits, we do love browsing the endless bookshelves at bookstores. Further, who doesn’t dream about having their own personal library full of books! You probably have bookmarked some beautiful designs too.

Beautiful Book Store in Bed Room

Image: Tumblr

But till that happens, why not browse through some of the best book stores and libraries that are already there. Trust me, there is no dearth of these in Jaipur. Here is our list.


BAGS Jaipur/bagfulofjoy

Jaipur has many book stores but BAGS. on Hawa Sadak certainly makes a statement with its unique concept. B.A.G.S. is actually short for “Books, Activity and Games Store.” The idea is to create a friendly store for families to come, borrow, and buy books.

A brand of Pidlite Industries, BAGS has over 2500 D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) kits that can keep adults and kids occupied. So, if you want to go away from the world of computers, and mobile phones and indulge in something creative, BAGS is the place to be.

Address: Basement, Jajoo Towers, A-7/9, Hawa Sadak

universal books, MI ROAD

BookStores in Jaipur - Universal Book Store, MI Road

Universal Book Store/Justdial.com

This is one of the oldest bookstores in Jaipur. This is the end destination for all book lovers as almost all genres on books are available around here. From the classics to the new age novels, you’ll find literally everything on your wishlist.

Address: Gulab Mansion, M.I. Road

om shanti osho library, BANI PARK

Om Shanti Osho Library in Jaipur

Osho in his Library/oshonews.in

If you love Osho and his books, you’ll love this place too. One of the biggest libraries in Jaipur, it houses an amazing collection of books, literature, Audio and Video CD’s on Osho. That too on discounted rates.

In addition, the ambiance is perfect to not just read but also practice some meditation.

Address: H-1A, Vinay Path, Kanti Chand Road, Banipark

crossword, C SCHEME

Crossword Book Store in Jaipur

Crossword Bookstore in Jaipur/jaipurwomenblog.com

One of the more famous and popular bookstores in Jaipur. The place is always teeming up with youngsters and holds some anticipated book releases too. The endless rows of shelves will keep you ever occupied. You’ll find the latest releases, bestselling books, movies, toys, and stationary. Sit here by the glass windows, and enjoy sifting through your favorite book on a cosy chair on the weekend. Time Well Spent!

Address: First Floor, K. K. Square, C 11, Prithvi Raj Marg, C Scheme

central library

Central Library in Jaipur

Central Library/rajasthan.gov.in

Located in the heart of the city inside the University of Rajasthan, Central Library was found way back in 1957. It’s initial budget was just Rs. 20,000 and it started with mere 1500 books.

Today, it has a collection of over 4 million books, documents, and journals. The library not just has hard copies, it has numerous e-books too that you can subscribe to.

Address: University of Rajasthan, JLN Marg

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