Boost Your Entrepreneurship Skills Attend Talk Journalism This Weekend

Jaipurites are always enthusiastic in hosting the events. Be it Jaipur literature festival, color strokes or the food festivals, we Jaipurites never fail to showcase the zeal in attending the events. This year Jaipur got to host the biggest journalism festival, ‘The Talk Journalism’ and we can’t stop but just brag about it.

Started with just a tweet and a discussion platform talk journalism is now hosting sessions on changing scenarios in media marketing. Not only the tools the speakers will also be discussing the trending news and their journalism aspect.

The event not only is for those who want to pursue journalism but should also be attended by those who want to know the media world in depth. We got you 3 reasons why you must attend Talk Journalism this year.


The event marks the presence of the most prominent names from the media industry. Piyush Pandey, Barkha Dutt, Sumit Vyas, Ayaz Menon, Anand Subramanian, Arun Shourie, Iain Martin, Jagdeesh Chandra and many others. An interaction with such big names will surely be going to give you a deeper insight of the journalism world.

For the full list of speakers, visit

Journalism as a career

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For all those who want to pursue journalism as a career, or are enrolled in one, this event is a must attend for you! A look into the media world, what all happens in journalism and how to cover a story and promote it through various platforms, the event covers all.

Visit the link for the complete schedule.

know your media

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Ok! We all, at some point in time, had a pre-conceived notion about the media. For every news coverage, we all have our own view points. We’ve heard people calling few news articles as paid, few as fake and few as genuine too. To break the thoughts prevailing in our minds, this event is a must attend for us.

Talk journalism was initiated as the founders felt there is a need to discuss and debate over the things prevailing in the media industry. Also, to give an exposure to the youth towards journalism as a career. The event also discusses the upcoming trends in the media industry and how to stay in pace with it. So don’t miss this chance to know your media!

For registration and other details, visit website.



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