THE BUSINESS OF BLOGGING | How To Start, Run & Operate Your Blog

With more than 100 million blogs worldwide, there’s no doubt to the fact that blogging is a lucrative business (and a competitive one too). Traveling the whole world, creating blogs from anywhere, connecting to the readers and scouring in passive income is the dream of many, however, it can only be accomplished with a little bit of planning and a lot of effort. Here are 10 tips for people who aim to set their foot in the world of blogging and make a living from it-

  1. Discover Your Passion

Uncovering your passion is an indispensable part of making your blog successful in the long run. It will help you connect with people of like minds, who are eager about the same things as you are. And this passion will decide your mission statement and your niche.

One approach that can help you identify your blog’s mission statement is through Porter Gale’s 4-steps:

  1. Write down all your interests, goals and passions.
  2. Determine the sweet spot at the intersection of these.
  3. Define your tone- Witty, Humorous, Motivational, Expressive and so on.
  4. Pen down the mission statement that best describes your passions.


  1. Build A Brand

Branding is at the heart of blogging. Your blog’s name and brand is a lot more than simply a URL. It conveys a lot about you and your mission. You need to find something that is extraordinary, catchy, but also meaningful and compatible with your readers.

Here’s a round-up of tips for developing a memorable brand:

  • Brainstorm 10 alternatives.
  • Test market them with your prospective readers.
  • Buy your domain name right away.
  • Get a logo designed.
  • Curate consistent and catchy images for free using tools like Canva.
  • Use your branding elements wherever possible.


  1. Discover Your Tribe

The most successful bloggers are also the most influential because they find a way to connect with their readers on an individual level. Click through rates, shares, open rates, bounce rates, traffic- all of these sum up to zero if you cannot establish a connection with the person on the other side of the technology. These people are your tribe as they show up each day, waiting for your next bit of blogging insight.They want to like, comment, share and network with you. Sans this loyal tribe, your blog will die a sluggish death.

  1. Choose A Web Host

So after you know your passion, it’s now time to actually launch your blog. This is the technical part. In the layman terms, every website on the Internet needs a web host to store all the data, content and blog posts for safekeeping. Some of the best names for web hosting and domain registration are- Go Daddy, Blue Host and Hostgator.

Watch this video on how to set up a hosting account.

  1. Select A Blogging Platform

After you’ve set up your hosting account, the next step is to choose a blogging platform. (We’re almost there!). You can choose from WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Tumblr, Blogger and Ghost, to name a few.

But our personal favourite remains WordPress simply because it’s user-friendly and grows with your site.

You can install WordPress by watching a step-by-step YouTube guide. However, we highly recommend that you hire a website developer who will take care of all the technical tasks for you, be it selection of a web host or installation of WordPress.

  1. Launch it Like a Startup

Have you ever wondered how startups take off? There’s a pre-launch, beta phase, the launch itself, and then years of social media planning and hustle. Blogs often don’t follow the same channel. Blogs do not launch like startups simply because not all bloggers are entrepreneurs with new ideas. But since blogging is a developed business now, experimentation won’t quite work for you. So make sure you add a certain USP to your blog and launch it like a startup.

  1. Take the long view

If you’re expecting an overnight win from blogging, you’re going to be seriously disheartened. You should be ready to accept that you’re not going to make money in the initial months. But as long as you’re growing and making connections, the future looks fruitful for you. All this time, try to gain as many collaborations as you can.

  1. Embrace Virtual Management

When you are working with a digital team, you’ll have to embrace virtual team management techniques. This is different from the normal business management. For one, you are working with emails, names and updates from people without their physical presence. Second, there might be time zones you to take into considerations. For this purpose, you could use virtual team management tools like ‘Trello’ or ‘Airtable’.

  1. Create multiple revenues streams

If you’re not cashing in dollars after you’ve been blogging a while, despite of having consolidated your reader base, there might be another problem. A great breakthrough is to sell some product to your readers. It could be a podcast, e-book, premium content or an actual product. Since your readers have now turned into your loyal tribe, they’ll surely be interested in buying from you.

  1. Build a community

A powerful way to boost your blog is by providing readers a platform to connect with one another.  After you’ve earned a good number of loyal readership, create a forum on your website where people can trade ideas and tips. You could also host reader meet-ups and engaging events to help people relate to your brand.


Becoming an overnight success in the world of blogging requires years. But following these techniques will allow you to start building a passionate reader base and bringing in real revenue sooner than you thought possible.

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