7 Things That Every Marwari Is Tired Of Hearing

Being Marwari isn’t easy. Especially when you are travelling or living in a different city. You often get to hear things which are bizarre and frustrates you. Here are 10 things that every Marwari is tired of hearing or at least we are. 1. Oh, you are a Marwari? KHAMMA GHANI HUKUM   Though we…

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11 Things You’ll Totally Relate To If You Are A Punjabi

There is something unique about the Punjabis which makes them stand apart from the crowd. Loud, loving and full of life, Punjabis personify fun. There is a reason behind ” Punjabiyan Di Shaan Wakhri”. Being a Punjabi is a blessing and I don’t doubt that even for a moment. Here are 11 things any Punjabi…


5 Must-PEE places in your lifetime

70% of earth is made up of water, rest 30% is land where Indian men are willing to pee. But for some obvious reasons we can’t pee in any other country and ours is only a small portion, so you should try to make the best of it. Here are the top 5 places where…


Face Behind The Voice: 5 RJs Of Jaipur We Love Listening To!

In all honesty, we love listening to the radio because of the music. Who cares about the person blabbering behind and about what. Right?? Wrong!! We may not accept it but listen to these voices remind us of the old friend. With whom we could talk about any topic, share some jokes and laugh our…