5 Emerging Fashion Bloggers From Jaipur You Should Follow Now

The growing number of social media and blogging platforms have helped many people all over their world to share their talents, their take on different aspects of life and pursue their passions. Though there has been a significant rise in the number of fashion bloggers, there are some that are steadily gaining momentum in the…


Go Pro Shopaholics: Sarojini Nagar Market Is Now Online!

How about getting a palazzo at the darwazo? Or the heels, driving on the wheels? Wait, whatt! You heard it right! Sarojini Market is now online. The popular street market tagged as one of the must-visit shopping destinations for its stylish, and trendy fashion at a pleasing cheap price is now going online. Their website is live and now…

Color Trends

7 Color Trends To Spice Up Your Wardrobe This Monsoon

New season, New designs and hence new colors! As we’re heading towards the new season, new colors must be added to the rainbow in your wardrobe. This season we’re gonna see all the colors of nature being actualized on garments, from kale to pink yarrow and from bright primrose yellow to pale dogwood pink. So,…

Monsoon Hair Tips

8 Ways You Can Manage Your Hair This Monsoon!

A Bad season for your Hair has arrived! Yes ! It’s the monsoon. You might think that summers and winters cause more damage than any other season, but no friends. Get out of the myth! Rains along with joy, bring a flood of problems for hair because of the excess humidity. Here are a few…

Wardrobe Essentials For College

7 Wardrobe Essentials For College Every Newbie Must Own

With the Board results getting declared, there are a lot of things that start changing in a student’s life. Most importantly, what undergoes a transformation is wardrobe and dress-sense of students that become freshmen in college. A fantastic addition is a freedom to choose from a stylish variety of trending essentials. While most of the…