community living space in bangalore

Community Living Space In Bangalore We Love!

“Now, you can have your space and share it too!” – Azaan Sait (Founder ‘The Hub‘) Truth be told- there’s nothing more heartbreaking than having to move out of your home, your city. Not knowing anyone in this strange, new city that you’ve moved to can make matters worse and you may find that what’s…

Jaipur Road Accidents

Wake Up Call: Jaipur Road Accidents

Recent Jaipur road accidents have created an uproar! The Chomu Circle accident and the subsequent Rambagh Palace Candle March has brought Jaipur in the limelight. The mass blamed the system for carelessness and corruption. The entire town raged about the avoidable deaths of 5 young people. If Police figures are to be believed, Jaipur has…

Dog Daycare In Jaipur

These Dog Daycares In Jaipur Are Home Away From Home For Your Pooch

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” —Roger Caras (photographer and writer) If you’re reading this you probably own a pet and therefore know the issues with leaving your little buddy behind while you’re away. With keeping their varying temperaments, eating habits, socializing skills, and separation anxiety in mind its most likely that…

Vertiart- a platform for artists

Veritart: A Platform For Artists

Four friends and their shared love for art gave birth to- ‘Veritart‘, meaning, ‘Art is Truth’. Veritart is a youth organization managed by 4 extremely talented individuals from Jaipur. It is a movement that seeks to discover art in all its forms and propagate it. Preserving the local scene in multiple cities and mobilizing artists in…

things every MGDian can relate to

8 Things Every MGDian Can Relate To

The school is one of the most integral part of life. A place where you can build bonds which last life long and build a personality you carry along forever. A place where moments turns into memories, chapters to lessons, strangers to an acquaintance, acquaintances to friends, and friends to family. MGD is more than a school…

Melodious Voice In Jaipur

5 Upcoming Singers With A Melodious Voice In Jaipur

A good voice is a god’s-gift, and  especially when it’s melodious, it adds to the charm of the owner. Decades ago, a sweet voice was considered a matter of rare chance. But presently, even a loud, clear, and  confident voice is no less than a notable attribute. Jaipur is a city of various budding artists….

Maharani Ki Chhatri

Maharani Ki Chhatri: A Forgotten Bit in the History of Jaipur

By Nazia Sami Rajasthan is a state of heritage and cultural traditions. And when we talk about heritage, there is no other city as rich in history as Jaipur, the capital of the state. Also known as the cultural hub of India, Jaipur embraces attractive creations worthy of universal admiration. Steeped in history, Jaipur is…

Kalaneri Art Gallery

Art, Photography and Movies: Kalaneri’s Heritage Week is Here!

Did you know that UNESCO has declared 6 forts of Rajasthan as world heritage sites? Amazing isn’t it. The heritage of Rajasthan is so well recognised everywhere and has so much to explore. Picking up from that idea, the Kalaneri Art Gallery in Jaipur is hosting the heritage week where you get explore the “Land of…


Jaipur On A Budget: 8 Soul Stirring Experiences Under 100 Bucks

Jaipur is an amazing mix of history, culture, and contemporary lifestyle. It’s the marriage of old and new. We have forts, palaces, and temples but at the same time, the streets are bustling with cafes and nightclubs. Amidst all this, there are simpler experiences which sometimes leave a lasting impression on you. Just lazy strolls or…


5 Weekend Getaways From Delhi For A Perfectly Chilled Out Holiday

Looking for the perfect weekend getaways from Delhi? Or maybe a daytrip to lumber down from the hectic week? There are so many places to explore near Delhi but we seldom look beyond Kasol and Manali. With the summer setting in, we have compiled a list of some of the lesser known weekend getways from Delhi. These…