Famous Food Varieties In Jaipur

This Winter Gorge On These 7 Famous Food Varieties In Jaipur

Besides being famous for shades of pink, ghoomar, historical monuments and the ancient architectural designs, Jaipur is a heaven for every person who is a Food Lover. The taste and variety of food that Jaipur serves is simply unbeatable. So, we bring to you 7 Famous Food Varieties In Jaipur that you cannot afford to…

Pasta in Jaipur

5 Places For The Perfect Plate Of Pasta In Jaipur

Are you an Italian fanatic? Pasta is one Italian dish that comes with thousands of variants and is loved by all. We know, your love affair with spaghetti, fusilli, fettuccine & penne has no bounds. That’s why we bring to you the best pasta places in town. Check out our list of 5 Places For The Perfect Plate Of Pasta…

Cafes For Get Together Under Budget In Jaipur

5 Cafes Perfect To Plan A Get-Together Under A Budget In Jaipur

Friends in town?  Planning to catch up with relatives? Or is that kitty party of yours still impending? Worry not. We bring you top 5 Cafes For Get-Together Under Budget In Jaipur with delicious interiors and eye-popping delicacies (oops, also, the other way around). These places can not only accommodate a small gathering but also offer…

best-thali-in-jaipur-jaipur diaries

5 Places That Serves The Best Thali For The Ultimate Feast In Jaipur

It’s no surprise that the world thali brings a massive smile to any true food lover’s face, is it? Thalis give you the chance to sample small portions of a whole range of a restaurant’s best dishes – a thoroughly rewarding experience for your taste buds! The Indian thali consists of a rainbow meal and is not only…


Places Where You Can Gorge Best Dosas In Bangalore!

Breakfast Staple, Dosa : This fermented crepe made from rice batter and lentils has stolen the hearts of most of the Indians and even foreigners with its simplicity and palatable flavour. A humble breakfast staple it may be, but to produce a perfectly round, golden-hued, crispy-around-the-edges-and-fluffy-in-the-middle-dosa is nothing short of an art. Tear off a big…


Our Guide To The Best Momos In Bangalore!

No greater love than your love for momos? Served piping hot, with dollops of chilli and peanut sauce, in a wide range of fillings, momo has made a successful journey from Tibet to the silicon valley of India. With Chocolate, Vodka {genius!}, Tandoori, Afghani, Achari and Peshawari Momos on the menu {to name a few},…


5 Lesser Explored Bars In Jaipur For The Alcoholic In You!

If you want to unwind after a hectic day at work or catch up with your friends, there is nothing better than doing it over few drinks.  There is no shortage of choices when it comes to picking a bar in Jaipur. But aren’t we all are always looking for new places to explore? We…


5 Newly Opened Cafes & Restaurants In Pune You Must Try ASAP

All the Foodaholics, it’s time for loud cheer. We are quite aware of your love for food and especially trying out new places to eat out at. We being our awesome selves curated a list of 5 amazing newly opened cafe & restaurants in Pune that are a must try. Ditch your old trusted eateries…

varieties-of-samosa-in-jaipur-jaipur diaries

Samosa With A Twist: Crazy Variety Of Samosas You Must Try In Jaipur

We Indians love Samosa, from birthday parties to school canteens, from family breakfasts to rainy evenings, we all turn to samosa for solace. Above all, Jaipur has a soft corner for these huge, fried, crisp potato bombs! From Shankar to Sodhani, we’ve all tried everything & loved them for their uniqueness even with the same…