5 Places In Jaipur To Satiate Your Biryani Cravings

The next best thing after talking about Biryani is eating Biryani! Hyderabadi Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Vegetable Biryani – one tastier than the other. While the entire world is lusting after this delicacy, we Jaipurites are especially blessed with amazing Biryani joints that cater to our Biryani cravings. Hop in at these 5 places…


5 Best Options In Jaipur For Yummy Meals On Wheels

The number of new cafes/restaurants/eating joints opening up at an active pace, validate the fact that Jaipur is a city of food lovers. A noted blooming trend that can be seen these days is food trucks in Jaipur occupying its different areas. And anyone who has savored their preparations knows that variety of food served…


5 Places In Jaipur To Head For A Great Cup Of Coffee This Monsoon

A perfectly brewed coffee was made to soothe souls and wake up tired minds. It’s the friend in a tall mug keeping us awake through long nights. The beverage we hug when it’s pouring outside, and the one drink that helps us through the day’s drudgery. Coffee is basically all the cure that one needs…

Street Food Jaipur

5 Delights From The Basket Of Best Street Food In Jaipur

“There is no sincere love than the love of food” -George Bernard Shaw ‘The walled city Jaipur’. The city of magnificent and amazing forts, palaces, and culture. Also, this beautiful city is known for its lip smacking street food. Slurp, bite, gulp, hoard. From crazy tangy golgappas to thal ki barfi,  you will find every excuse to…

Chilled Treats In Jaipur

Beat The Heat With These Yummy Chilled Treats In Jaipur

Pink city has always topped the list of tourists. With the arrival of summers, an enthusiasm awakens among the people. No matter how freakishly hot the weather is, it cannot deter their craze for the city. And when the sweltering summers combine with the stroll around different corners of the city, a few icy refreshments…

sweet shops in Jaipur

6 Iconic Sweet Shops In Jaipur To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth

Rajasthan is famous for its rich culture and lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisine. Being a Jaipurite our love for sweets is well known. For us, no celebration is ever complete without sweets. No wonder Jaipur is stuffed with iconic sweet shops that are serving the city since years. Check out our list of must visit sweet shops that will satiate…


Plan Your Sunday Brunch At These 5 Amazing Places In Jaipur

As tiring as the week gets, we all wait for Sundays. And Sundays can’t get any better than when you’re with family. Rather than putting the burden to cook, on your mom, Jaipur Diaries would suggest you take the whole family out for a brunch date. After all who doesn’t love the comfort of being served good…

rooftop restaurants in Pune

5 Rooftop Restaurants In Pune For Some Sky-High Fun!

Planning a dinner date with your loved ones?  What could be better than a rooftop restaurant away from the city, with delicious cuisine and fresh air. Whether a romantic date or a family get together Rooftop is a perfect destination. Eating with stars above the head and a view of the city all glimmering up…

food joints in Pune

5 Food Joints In Pune To Satisfy Your Morning Hunger

        I don’t care how late it is, when I wake up, I’m eating breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and probably the only reason most of us look forward to mornings. Miss your breakfast and your whole day is spoiled. Isn’t it? Well, we have found out…


5 Take-away Shops In Jaipur That Pack The Most Delicious Food

We all love eating out but nothing matches the comfort of sitting at home in pyjamas, bing-watching your favorite sitcoms or movies and hogging on some great food. No doubt food-delivery can be a great option, but at times either a place doesn’t deliver in your locality. Or worse, the delivery charges are your month’s…

royal dishes of Rajasthan

4 royal dishes of Rajasthan That Are On The Verge Of Extinction

Rajasthan-the royal state of India had huge kitchens to feed the king and his loyalties. Every meal seemed like a feast with a great variety of dishes satisfying the cravings of the King, his family, and loyalties. Since these kitchens are almost closed, the recipes of these lip smacking dishes are left with only a…

milkshakes in jaipur

6 Places That Serve The Most Delicious Milkshakes in Jaipur

It is true that at this time of the year when the sun is at its peak, a cold glass of water acts like a magical potion. But to be honest, it is tasteless. A subtle solution to this problem are those creamy, sweet and chilled shakes, which not only quenches your thirst but will…