Pamper Yourself At This Heritage Getaway Less Than 4 Hours Away From Jaipur

The Havelis, the Stars, and the desert- what gives them their beauty is something that is invisible. And if one has to witness this beauty, Castle Mandawa is the Go-To place for them. Situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, this place is a home of gaily-painted Mural paintings and arid landscape. Castle Mandawa, which…


Visit This Museum To Learn Jaipur’s Traditional Block Printing

Jaipur is known for its heritage sites, museums, and its block prints. A trip to Anokhi museum of hand printing can bring you closer to all of these. Set inside a restored 16th-century Haveli known as Chanwar Palkiwalaon ki Haveli, the museum is just 10 minutes walking distance from Amer fort. Anokhi museum focus on preserving the 500-year-old craft…



Jaipur is one of the most traveled destinations in India. With its Historic Monuments, Cultural events to vibrant entertainment and nightlife, Jaipur offers something for everybody to explore. With frequent visitors to Jaipur, they’ll search for some in-budget and quality stay. There are many options for accommodation in Jaipur ranging from luxurious hotels to backpacker hostels….


Decoding and Savoring The Secrets of Sanganer Digambar Jain Temple

India is a place full of mythology and mysteries, some of them so bizarre that they almost seem impossible. But still, can’t be repudiated. And Jaipur, the land of Maharajas is no less when it comes to holding some mythological secrets. You heard it right! Jaipur holds few magnificent locations that hold stories of historical…


5 Magnificent Heritage Hotels Of Jaipur That Are Truly Luxurious

Located in the Eastern Rajasthan, the city of Jaipur is popular of the amazing forts and beautiful palaces. This royal town has magnificent architecture and is the first planned city of India. With fantastic attractions all around the city, it invites tourists from all over the world. Moreover, Jaipur’s rich cultural heritage is displayed in…

cycling clubs in Jaipur

Get Biking With These Four Cycling Clubs In Jaipur

Clubs are the backbone of the cycling scene and community, and an invaluable source of knowledge and advice that can help you improve as a cycle rider.  The top cycling clubs in Jaipur range from the recreational to the race-ready with a fair number of options in between. While there’s a little bit of a…

Architectural Wonders of Jaipur

6 Unique Modern Day Architectural Wonders Of Jaipur

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” -William Churchill Jaipur is a treasure chest of architectural marvels and is worldwide famous because of its technical details and beauty. From town planning to entrance gates, from step wells to humongous majestic forts and palaces, Jaipur has it all.  Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Gaitore…

Weekend Getaways From Banglore

7 Perfect Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

Bengaluru in itself is a much sought after travel destination. But if you want to get a real taste of adventure and try something new, expand your travels a little beyond the borders of the city. If you’re a Banglorite looking for an escape or a mere traveler looking for a new escapade, look no…

Career Options For Those Who Love Travelling

5 Amazing Career Options For Those Who Just Love Travelling

Are you a wandering spirit but grounded by your old desk work? At some point in time, we all wish if we could pack our bags and leave to explore new places. But you take a step back considering, you neither want to quit the job nor want to drain your entire bank account to…

Maharani Ki Chhatri

Maharani Ki Chhatri: A Forgotten Bit in the History of Jaipur

By Nazia Sami Rajasthan is a state of heritage and cultural traditions. And when we talk about heritage, there is no other city as rich in history as Jaipur, the capital of the state. Also known as the cultural hub of India, Jaipur embraces attractive creations worthy of universal admiration. Steeped in history, Jaipur is…


5 Premier Resorts In Jaipur For A Perfect Weekend Getaway

With the summer vacations on, some of you might have already left for a trip abroad or a hill station, while others are still looking for an escape to get relieved from the scorching heat. For those who haven’t planned any trip yet, there is an alternate plan. How about a relaxing weekend at a…


5 Epic Things You Must Do While Near Amer

Earlier a city, Amer Fort, used to be known to be a home to the royal family of Jaipur. The fort has now become one of the most treasured tourist destinations. The grand architecture, spectacular design, age-old artillery, solemn Shila Devi temple and magnificent Sheesh Mahal make it impressively alluring. But there are other things yet…


5 Offbeat Summer Destinations For A Chilled Out Vacation

The temperatures across the country are rising. With the summer break kicking in and the heat becoming unbearable, each one of us is looking for some escape. And what better escape than a chilled out hill station? But with the idea of a vacation, comes the question of “where to?” Routine destinations of Shimla, Manali,…

Weekend Getaways From Pune

5 Awesome Weekend Getaways From Pune

Pune is beautiful inside out. Not only does it have numerous malls, cafes & pubs but there are enough scenic destinations near the city too. And these destinations are perfect for a weekend getaways with friends. Whether you are an adventure junkie or just someone who loves nature, these places are perfect weekend getaways from…