9 Popular Childhood Games That 90s Kids Would Remember

For every single one of us, childhood is the best time of our lives. But it was a lot more special during the ’90s. We did not have cellphones. Neither malls to hang out in. Nor social networking sites to tag and poke each other on. Oh, and computers were a mere dream. Back then, it was playing outdoors that intrigued us more than anything else. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember these 9 childhood games we used to play!


Image Courtesy: defence.pk

Image Courtesy: defence.pk

Once an extremely popular game involving a ball and a pile of flat stones stacked on top of each other. One member of a team throws the ball at the stack to knock the stones over. Then, the team  then tries to restore the pile of stones while the opposing team throws the ball at them. If the ball touches a person, he is out and his team continues without him. No one in history could have had so much fun with 7 flat stones and a tennis ball!

pen fight

Image Courtesy: Wikihow

Image Courtesy: Wikihow

Who says pens could only be used for writing? Ask a 90s kid, and he/she would definitely tell you all about a pen fight. It wasn’t just a fight but a battle. When our pens were the players and our tables the stadium! Moreover, don’t forget the tricks we used to modify our pens for this battle.

name place animal thing

Image Courtesy: itimes.com

Image Courtesy: itimes.com

Anyone who has played this game would literally remember animals with all the alphabets. Likely enough, you did get stuck with an animal with the letter ‘x’ or ‘q’. Never missed an opportunity to go, ‘tick tick 1, tick tick 2…’

tippi tippi tOp

Courtesy: youtube.com

Image: youtube.com

Don’t we have this game to thank for helping us remember all colour names? And even recognising them? So, which colour do you want? It was as tough a choice then as it is now. Hence, a magical device which could tell you your future based on colours, numbers and letters.


Courtesy: reddit.com

Image: reddit.com

When bets meant the world and then winning a chocolate added more. Draw a little charm on your wrist somewhere and keep it on for days, even weeks at a time. We lived for that stuff. We bet that we regretted not redoing that dot and losing!


Courtesy: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Oh, how the mannequin challenge picked up around the globe. But haven’t we been doing this since our childhood. Like really. And how every birthday party was incomplete without ‘Londdooon Staatuee’!

chuppan chuppai and dark room

Courtesy: ScoopWhoop

Image: ScoopWhoop

The concept is, everyone hides, and one poor unlucky person has to search everyone. I mean, don’t you just love it when it’s your turn to seek everyone, and they just leave home while you’re still hoping to find them? And Dark Room was simply Chhupan chhupai on crack. It was scary and thrilling all at once. No slumber party was complete without it.


Childhood Games that 90s Kids Would Remember - WWE Trump Cards

Image: Buzzfeed

Forget Poker, Trump Cards were the only card game that used to be a big deal then. Right from getting a new pack when new rankings came out, to remembering who had the biggest biceps, this was so much fun.

Back then, the biggest regret used to be not saying “clash” and losing the round because there was a tie.

red hands

Courtesy: randyavvit.com

Image: randyavvit.com

Lastly, my personal favourite. Red Hands. I do remember the blood clots with the slapping on my hands from the opponents. Bitter-sweet memory, isn’t it?

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