Our 5 favourite Street-Style Coffee Spots In Jaipur

We Jaipurites proud our ourselves for being big-time Foodies! And like almost more than a half of population of the world, we too love Coffee. But we have a special place in our hearts for the indie style coffee that our small little joints serve. No, matter how nicely brewed or sophistically places like Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Café Costa serve their coffee. Our hearts go out to places & street joints where we’ve been sipping coffee since ages. So, we bring you our favorite Coffee Spots In Jaipur.

Statue Circle ki Coffee


Image: instagram/jaipurfoodbites

No, matter how many Baristas and CCDs open, nothing can beat Statue Circle Ki Coffee! This small dairy near Statue Circle has been in business since like FOREVER and nothing comes close to the coffee served there. Hands down the best coffee ever (Both Hot & Cold). It is a perfect for your late-night coffee cravings and hang-out spot with friends. *WIN-WIN*

Location: Statue Circle

Price: 120/- For Two

Banna Ji Ki Coffee 


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It’s a popular hang-out spot amongst students, who meet-up there to chill and sip on the amazing flavored coffee of Banna Ji. Banna Ji (the owner of the place) is very friendly and uber cool person. While you enjoy your delicious coffee, chances are you might get to listen to some interesting stories by him!

Location: C-Scheme

Price: 400/- For Two

Gyan VIHAr Diary/ GVd


Image: zomato/bhukkadbaniya

Popular known as GVD Ki Coffee is a small joint, mostly a small Saras diary nestled behind the World Trade Park. After having your fill of big brands and luxury food, you should not miss out on this cozy spot where Coffee is so delicious that it can put any CCD or Costa to shame!

Location: Malviya Nagar, Behind WTP

Price: 200/- For Two

Indian Coffee House 


Relive the golden bygone era of the 80’s. Once an intellectual hub is now a cozy meet-up spot for those who like things simple and Retro. Indian Coffee House is a piece of nostalgia with its old Furniture, Posters, Uniform of Waiters and Cutlery. This place is a total savior for the times when you’re broke and on running low budget.

Location: MI Road & Tonk Road

Price: 80/- For Two

Cafe Heart 


This roadside outlet serves amazing coffee, which you can team-up with their even better Patties. This is a popular sneak out point for the young college goers. Amidst the traffic of B2 Bypass, this place is the perfect escape for your mid-day snacks.

Location: B2 Bypass

Price: 100/- For Two

So folks, the next time you’re around any of these places don’t forget to stop by for an amazing cup of coffee.

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