Why Cold Pressed Juice Is The Latest Trend In Jaipur

By Siddharth Birla

Whether you’re an advanced yogi or a person who just loves their juice, you will have no doubt heard of the biggest trend of the year: Cold Pressed Juices. It is tough to pass a store or cafe without noticing peppy bottles of cold-pressed juices lined up on their shelves.

While everyone from health fanatics to trendy food snobs are hopping on the juice train for its apparent benefits, some people are scratching their heads and wondering:

What Exactly Is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Karmic Cold Pressed Juices Image: The Urban List

Well, cold-pressing is basically crushing the vegetables or fruits followed by pressing them to get maximum yield. This modern-day technique is called High Pressure Processing (HPP) which works by applying very high pressure (not heat) to a bottle of freshly squeezed juice. Once the pressure is applied to the raw juice, it is then placed into a container and sealed. They are then refrigerated to give them a longer shelf-live than unpasteurized juices.

How Is It Different From Regular Juice?

Fresh Juice vs Cold Pressed Juice Image: Get The Gloss

Three things set cold-pressed juice apart from regular juice: Quantity of produce used, pressure applied and preservation. The amount or quantity of produce used in one bottle of juice is way more than regular juice. Also, it has the so-called health benefit over regular juice. Because of minimal heat and air exposure, cold-pressed juices are said to contain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Once refrigerated, they also have a longer shelf-life than unpasteurized juices

Naturally since the juice contains more produce and requires expensive production and preservation techniques, it’s a little heavier on your wallet than regular juice.

Is Juice Necessary In The Diet?

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Well, it does have a lot of health benefits. Drinking juice is the most natural and quickest way to increase your consumption of raw fruit and vegetables. It’s an excellent way to detox without losing your energy and will leave you feeling lighter, rested, bright-eyed and with lovely looking satin skin.

Where Can You Get Cold Pressed Juice In Jaipur?

Cold Pressed Juices in Jaipur Image: Way To Go

As the trend of drinking cold-pressed juice has taken the world by storm, Jaipur has also taken it up in its stride. Red cabbage, kale, broccoli, spinach, figs, tomatoes, cauliflower, lemon, ginger, carrots, you’ll find up and coming juice bars offering all kinds of vegetable and fruit concoctions in the city.

So if you decided to go ahead with a cold-pressed detox plan, here are a few places you can land up in:

Frooce – The Juice Bar

Frooce the juice bar in Jaipur Image: Frooce – The Juice Bar

Located in C-Scheme, Frooce is one of the most eminent juice bar in Jaipur. With a full variety of juices, names like ‘The Mean Green’ and ‘The Womb’ quirk up the menu. The Juice Bar stays quite pocket-friendly with juices ranging from INR 80-200. Make sure you also try their delicious Frooce Bombs and Frooce Pops. Frooce also offers Detox and Subscription plans for weekly and monthly basis, so you need not worry about staying fit.

Address: 6, Trimurty VJ Point, Ahinsa Circle, C Scheme, Jaipur

Fruitville – The Juice Lounge

Fruitville Juice Bar in Jaipur Image: Fruitville

Located in the prime area of city, the Crystal Palm Mall, Fruitville offers a variety of freshly made juices to choose from, free any added sugar, water, colour, or any kind of adulteration. The lounge also serves fruit platters, multi grain sandwiches, shakes and tempting fruit ice creams.

Address: Ground Floor, Crystal Palm, Sardar Patel Marg, Bais Godam, Jaipur

The Juice Shop

The Juice Shop in Jaipur Image: The Juice Shop

While the location surely provides it an edge, The Juice Shop’s blockbuster drink ‘The Detox’ has its own regular customers. Made from kale, kiwi, cucumber and other greens, the drink is tasty and refreshing. The power shots and rich smoothies are other exciting options on the menu. The Juice Shop too provides subscription packages.

Address: J-1, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, Ashok Nagar, C Scheme, Jaipur

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