Pune, Fix The Summer Heat With A Scoopful of Frozen Desserts At Creamicals

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It is amazing to see your science lab experiments find a way to your gastronomical delights. Going in the same direction, Creamicals is the first place in Pune to offer liquid nitrogen-based icecreams.

liquid nitrogen and Ice Cream! How does that work?

Creamicals Pune Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Image: fb/Creamicals

We all have studied about Nitrogen during our chemistry lectures and know it as an element, mostly used in explosives and fertilizers. So, how exactly does it help our ice creams?

Well, liquid nitrogen has a really low boiling point of -106 degrees Celsius. Speaking in layman’s terms, it freezes the ice cream instantly helping to retain the freshness of its ingredients. Infact, you’d be amazed to know that the first culinary use of liquid nitrogen was back in 1890. Agnes Marshall (also known as the Queen of Ices) noted down its uses in her recipe book.

now have it in Pune!

Cookie Dough - Creamicals Liquid Nitrogen

Image: fb/Creamicals

Fast forward 125 years and Pune is getting its fix of nitrogen based ice creams thanks to Creamicals. A brainchild of the Paranjape brothers, they’ve taken a leaf out of Agnes Marshall’s book to reinvent ice creams.

Using liquid nitrogen not only freezes the ice creams instantly but also gives it a smooth texture. The flavours stay true to their taste, unlike the traditional ice creams, whose more ice content dilutes the flavours. You have the option to go fat-free and sugar-free (on request), which means you don’t have to wait for cheat days to indulge in your favourite ice cream.

Another interesting fact: the ice creams are devoid of any emulsifiers or stabilizers, which keeps them free from food additives and healthy.

It’s flavours galore!

Paan Gulkand Creamicals Liquid Nitrogen

Image: fb/Creamicals

Creamicals offers about 20 flavours, all handcrafted. I chose one of their specialties  – the Gulkand Paan. Watching the process was all the more exciting.

They started by grinding the betel leaves and mixing it with gulkand and milk. Liquid nitrogen is added to the mixture and that’s when the real magic starts. A mesmerising cloud of nitrogen leaves you in awe for what’s about to come. And the taste doesn’t disappoint. It makes you feel like you’re eating an actual paan.

The other flavour I tried was Crazy Chiku. It was delightfully fresh and I felt like having a frozen chiku.


Kiwi Creamicals Liquid Nitrogen

Image: fb/Creamicals

Over all, Creamicals is definitely not your average ice cream parlour. They just don’t feed you ice cream, they deliver a full experience. The best part: it’s fresh, fat and sugar free, and has no food additives. So, you don’t have to count your calories.

Where: Creamicals, Shop 68, A-2, Girija Shankar Vihar, Karve Nagar, Pune

Cost for two: INR 250 (approx.)

For more info, check out their Facebook page

Featured Image: Jeanne O Brien Photography

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