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4 Reasons Why Bihar Is Still One of The Most Culturally Rich State of India

Ode to the Culture of Bihar By Shireen Gupta

A negligent reception dwells this state of beauty and what was the cultural hub has now been depleted to mere smithereens of horrible reputation. While most have been critiques of Bihar, it should be noted that the cultures of this state have been nothing but wondrous. Ripped in political revolutions and on the receiving end of every blatant abuse, Bihar has carried forward its legacy surprisingly well.

There is so much to talk about this magnificent state but negativity has always topped the list. Bihar, like every other Indian state, has its own flaws and these flaws have been highlighted so often it’s hard to keep track. Today, however, I beg to differ as I talk about the standing beauty of this East Indian sub part.

Rock of ages

Rock Painting in Kaimur Bihar

Image: Prehistoric Rock Painting in Kaimur/outlookindia

Even if our eighth-grade History class was of no interest to us, the knowledge of rock paintings was instilled in every educand. The paintings talk to us, telling us about the livelihood of those before us and preserving our predecessors in a vial in the form of paintings. Bihar, in its wings, has caves important to rebuild the stories of our ancestors. One of the most crucial rock painting of Bihar appears in its share of Kaimur range.

food of bihar

Thekua from Bihar

Image: Thekua/Kitchen of Debjani

Civilians of this state can be called serious foodies seeing as Bihari food takes a toll on your stomach but also satisfies everything you needed in life and more. Non-vegetarian food has quite a reputation here with mutton and roti being heavily consumed. One food that has everyone’s hearts on its sleeves is Thekua; made with mainly jaggery and wheat flour, this delicacy is deep fried in purified butter or ghee giving its consumers a very Indian satisfaction.

Music of Bihar

Ustad Bismillah Khan

Image: Ustad Bismillah Khan/inmemory

Biharis are known to be people with sense of the visual arts. One major musician and Bharat Ratna recipient, Ustad Bismillah Khan, was born and raised in the state. Famous musicians aside, even the commoners express their joys in forms of singing and dancing. The family of those celebrating auspicious events, sing folk songs and play the Tabla in a passed down note.


Chhath Puja Celebration in Bihar

Image: Chhath Puja/Indiatimes

Dating back to days of the Vedic Period, Bihar is one of the major states that calls Chhath Puja, native. The Puja is dedicated to the Sun and his mythological wife, Usha, thanking them for the gifts of nature and all that is bestowed on humans. Bihar is also home to Shravani Mela, a fair which claims the state for 30 days. This Mela sees devouts taking a dip in the holy Ganga, taking some of the river’s water and transporting it to Deoghar Shiva Temple in order to bathe the Shiv Ling there.

Rich in its heritage, Bihar has the allure most search their entire lives for. While most try to push back its wonder, Bihar silently fights a winning battle to preserve and put forward its culture.

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