Delhi’s First Authentic Fries Only Place Is Surprisingly Good

By Manya Mehra

Fridays is Delhi are now going to be Fry-Days!

With Potet, a newly-opened fry-only place, Delhi will be adding different kinds of fries to its palette.

A little beautifully relaxed seating, and a small but affordable menu, Potet is here to stay. Dishes are priced from 120 buck to 220, making it perfect for evening hangout with friends. No fancy plated large dishes, just easy to eat ones.

First Impressions

French fries are such a simple dish, but one that is rarely done correctly. Either they are over cooked and crispy or dripping with oil without any flavour of potato left, but here the fries were brilliant. Soft without too much of oil taste and the flavour of the potatoes going right through the palette.


YES! Vietnamese Khoai Tay Chien is a MUST try. The beauty? The fries were well tossed in butter and sugar topped with ample amount Chocolate sauce.

Where: The Junction, CSC Complex, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016.

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