5 Reasons Why We Love Dogs So Much

By Shamika Shetty

Right from assisting the handicapped to helping children with learning disorders, dogs have come a long way walking right by our side.

Dogs have been the quintessential side-kick since time immemorial. Right from assisting the handicapped to helping children with learning disorders, dogs have come a long way walking right by our side.

The entire environment, no matter how sombre is changed by one wagging tail.


Dog with a baby Image: Noodlenuke

Dog, loyalty is thy name.

Without ever thinking about themselves, these four legged beauties are always up and running for their human masters. Their loyalty has found place in ancient scriptures even.

Be it in times of distress or that of sheer joy, dogs have always done one thing. Be by his human.


Dog sleeping on man's shoulderThe faith that these animals have on us human beings is something mammoth.

While you leave them locked up in the house, these dogs wait. Wait with a hope that you won’t abandon them and the result of that wait is that never ending welcome with wags and kisses and what not.

A dog always trusts its human to take care of him, the former looks up to the latter just like a child looks up to his father. The love is that pure and innocent.

There is no intention, no expectation only love and belly rubs.


Dog in a blanketPeople has to be tall with well toned limbs, should earn well, needs to be well educated, should sing and dance, are not the qualities a dog will tick off his list.

The minute you take him under your wing and your dog will swear his allegiance to you. Whether you are a gangster or a beauty queen, a businessman or a beggar, a dog will always love you the same.

There is never a ‘more’ or a ‘less.’


Dog and Man at Sunset

Being the least judgmental creature in a household, dogs have always been renowned for their close knit friendship with us humans.

Tintin and snowy, Asterix – Obelix and Dogmatix, Mickey Mouse and a Pluto, a lot of good stories have come out of this companionship. With the level of patience dogs have, they assist blind and handicapped people, help special children learn. This companionship has favored us humans a much sweeter life, even for the lesser privileged.

Are We Worth It?

Dog sleeping on sofaAfter reading about all those virtuous things, it comes to the point whether we as humans deserve an entity as pure and as perfect as the dog.

We butcher and slay our own kind, let alone dogs. We are the weapon of mass destruction that we constantly keep ranting about. Only a human can be a threat to another human rest every animal knows where its boundary ends.

We, as humans have done nothing to deserve a gift as marvellous as the companionship of canines.

We Are All By Each Other, For Each Other

Dog on sofa with man Image: Thetimes

Dogs have equal rights to inhabit this planet which we humans call our home. Poor innocent souls like them should be nurtured and cared for. The love they give us as opposed to what we give them is unfathomable.

They give us so much in return, teaching us empathy, making us forget all those bad times, stuffing their snouts into our hands when you sit in a corner crying in times of our sorrow.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the world is one family. The holistic development and respect for all life forms, something our culture has always propounded and with time has forgotten to practice. Every life form deserves equal amount of respect because gifts from God are few and numbered and he only made these gifts so we can love and cherish.


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