Engineer Ka Thela

Frustrated With The Lack of Good Jobs, Jaipur Boy Starts His Own Shanty – “Engineer Ka Thela”

Do you know what’s the biggest tragedy for students in India? The lack of choice. If you are currently a student about to pass out of school, you’ll only have a limited number of career options ahead of you. Engineering, Medicine, Law, or CA. That’s basically the norm in most of the cities and towns in India. But do we have enough opportunities to accommodate all these engineers and doctors that pass out every year? The answer is a simple NO!

Jaipur boy Deepanshu Jain will tell you the same. Coming from an upper-middle-class family, he too traced a very similar career path as most of us. A combination of Science and Maths in school, followed by coaching for JEE, and finally making it to a reputed engineering college of Jaipur.

Four years down the line, he faced a very familiar set of problems. Having spent so much time, money, and energy on his degree, he was waiting for a giant IT company to pick him up on a recruitment drive. But just like most of his batchmates and seniors, he faced a similar fate – there were no good offers.

But while most of the students would curse their fate and wait for something to happen, Deepanshu took a very unusual route.

engineer ka thela

Engineer Ka Thela

Image: Shubham Dangayach

That’s right. Tired of waiting for a decent job offer, Deepanshu thought why not do something on his own. That’s when he started his own thela or a food shanty, and funnily enough named it Engineer Ka Thela. Currently running it in Krishna Nagar, opposite Vidhansabha, Deepanshu sells veg frankies and lemonade at dirt cheap prices. His main customers are students, either in school, college or those sitting for entrance examinations.

A supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s, he believes in his vision of “Cashless India” and accepts payments via PayTM.


Engineer Ka Thela

What’s interesting about this whole story is that Deepanshu’s father is himself a senior official in the Rajasthan Technical University (RTU). When asked if his father was happy with what he was doing, Deepanshu says naturally like any other Indian parent he was apprehensive about it at first.

But gradually, he realized that his son was upto something good and has now started fully packing up his venture.

Future Plans

Image: Shubham Dangayach

Since he has started well, Deepanshu plans to open more such thelas in the city. In face, to take a dig at his college management, he is also planning to set up a shanty right opposite to his college.

Going forward he hopes to expand this venture and even give employment to people who are stuck in a similar situation like him.

You can check out Engineer Ka Thela on their Facebook page.

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